On Thursday evening in Berlin, the German electronics firm, AEG, screened “The Next Black.” Their goal was to show how designers, apparel manufacturers and textile producers are going green in the fashion industry.

The firm strives to discover how new and innovative technologies and fabrics may be used in a different way in the industry, to create a whole different way of wearing and taking care of their clothes. Ola Nissan, head of laundry at AEG in the Electrolux group, makes household technology and laundry machinery, emphasized that, “The film was created as a way to explore the evolution of the clothing industry and to gain understanding on how consumer’s washing needs will evolve. This film will help educate the industry and consumers about how to care for their clothes with the least possible impact on the environment.” “The clothing industry accounts for 20 percent of pollution in the world,” she continued. “Therefore, we have a responsibility to find ways to make it more sustainable.” Highlighting specific companies like Patagonia, BioCouture, StudioXO, Adidas and Yeh Group, views discover new ways to care for and even decorate clothing. For instance, Yeh Group has discovered dyes for clothes that do not require water. Interested on how you can be conscious of the environment, without sacrificing your fashion sense? Learn how going green has become “The New Black”.

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