Grizzly Bears are Changing the Environment

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Climate change affects us all, maybe it’s the absence of snow for a “white Christmas,” or considering that May rains are now year-round. Climate change controls other species and plants too. Kodiak Island in Alaska is witnessing something quite interesting, and it could possibly cause imminent problems, roughly by the year 2070. Grizzly bears have switched from salmon to elderberries, due to the warmer temperatures. Usually, these bears have a seasonal routine in diet: they consume large sums of salmon early summer and end the season (around late August and September) with berries. But because of the warmer climate, these berries have ripened early, and bears now have an option of eating berries over salmon early summer and change the system.

So you’re wondering, great, they have a meal option and they’ve become vegetarian. That’s great! Maybe they have a sweet tooth? Considerably, bears are gaining weight from the sugar content in the berries, while salmon was all protein. With slight changes in an already established, habitual sequence in nature, the uneaten salmon are now decomposing and changing the ecosystem of the island. This means the surrounding forests are not gaining adequate nutrients they would normally get at the beginning of the season, as scheduled.

Along with grizzly bears, apples have also been affected. With the climate warming up, apples have blossomed prematurely, changing taste and quality. Consequently, bananas, that flourish in tropical regions, will have an increase of development by 2070, with coffee and cocoa production decreasing with the sensitivity in climate change. As a farmer, these details can affect the livelihood of farms and feasibility of profit.

Another unusual incident to occur by 2070 is the variation of milk. Cows are seemingly more stressed out, which result in diseases that alter milk production and fertility. Be sure you know the conditions of your flock and pay careful attention to your herds, because what we have now may not last forever. Lucky for us, wine production and taste will differ greatly, considering wine making requires warmer climates for better fermentation but elevated at higher altitudes to avoid extreme heat.


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