Gucci’s 2019 Cruise Collection

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The show was held at the Alyscamps Roman necropolis, near Arles in Provence and the runway setting was anything but conventional.

According to a 2018 Harpers Bazaar report, the Italian fashion house staged its latest show at the Promenade Des Alyscamps in Arles. For the collection, creative director Alessandro Michele was “fascinated by the idea of death,” and really who isn’t in the Year of Our Lord 2018?

Michele’s fascination with death was a key point in the France fashion show’s setting.

According to a 2018 The Guardian report, Dry ice swirled and candles flickered in gothic candelabras, creating a scene in which Hammer horror met 1980s soft rock. The atmosphere was turned up to 11 when a long line of flames licked down the centre of the venue. Then the models stepped out of the fire and mist like a particularly well-dressed, undead army.

The collection was inspired by Renaissance-style. Some pieces were very odd such as headdresses that will remind you of beekeepers masks, neon lace tights, and Mary Janes with a sparkly Gucci logoed block heel.

No one was prepared for the surprise performance made by the five-time Grammy award winner Elton John.

According to a 2018 The Guardian report, At the end of the show, Gucci’s long-haired creative director, Alessandro Michele, appeared out of the flames, like a fashion apparition, to receive a standing ovation. The rapturous applause might not even have been the highlight of his night.

Half an hour later, on a small stage in the grounds of the necropolis, Elton John – whose glam-rock aesthetic has made him a significant Gucci muse since Michele took over the house in 2015 – gave a surprise, virtuoso performance. Michele introduced the singer as someone who has become one of his greatest friends.

The designer watched, enraptured, from the stage as John played Rocket Man and Your Song to a stunned crowd, the lights bouncing off his huge, glittery Gucci sunglasses.

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