So basically everyone knows about Gwyneth Paltrow’s company Goop. The company embodies a little bit of everything. The online store at has everything from recipes, skin care, and travel advice. That said Goop now has a new addition. That edition is, you guessed it, a fashion line.

Originally Goop was started up by the actress and health guru Gwyneth Paltrow. She is considered a beauty expert. In fact a little while ago Paltrow partnered up to create a new beauty brand. The partnership brand is called Juice Beauty: The Organic Solution. So with a name so fancy and real it must be good.

Paltrow usually focuses on basically everything good for the body. Yet recently she has tread into new territory. That new territory is the new fashion line marked as the Goop Label. The entire line is based upon Paltrow’s own fashion favorites. Many of the garments are inspirations taken directly from the actress’s closet.

The fashion line is marked up to be fairly expensive. The starting price for a top will start at about 200 dollars. The prices of course have to do with each item. Some of the garments are made with more expensive materials. Therefore, like always, that item will be more expensive than the regular materials.

Either way, something inspired by Paltrow’s own style is sure to be a hit. This is due to the fact that she holds onto multiple titles including beauty guru. The beauty could include her fashion sense, so why not? This is yet another addition to the Goop line up. With travel, cooking, and beauty all already in the mix.

Yet rumors have been circulating that Paltrow may leave Goop. Though Paltrow denies this clam on Paltrow simply feels if the company is to last then it must be adaptive. The company cannot last on Paltrow’s fame alone. Though this does promote Goop quite a bit for the general public because Paltrow is heavily associated with the brand.

In introducing the new fashion brand Paltrow has stressed that it was a group effort. She did not take credit for any design work. Though the entire line revolves around garments that have held meaning in her life. Therefore Paltrow has played quite a large role in the new Goop Label coming to be. Therefore the pieces should be nothing less than inspiring to the public.

After all, if the pieces came to represent something for Paltrow it could for the general public as well. Many do not understand the company Paltrow has created. With the company encompassing so many different objectives it may seem hard to know what it is about. However, many others love the company for taking on so many different purposes. It is like a one-stop shop for nearly everything now.

The company is also now moving their business across the country. The company started its office in the New York City. However after some time and growing popularity they are now moving to sunny California. The chief executive, Lisa Gersh, even took a small step back from the company as part of the move. Though Paltrow does not appear to want to replace Gersh at this time.

The company should become popular anywhere it goes. The business already has quite a following throughout the United States. Therefore more prosperity may be to come due to the new Goop Label. Paltrow is often complimented on her fashion picks. So the company could be strengthened by opening up the fashion brand. Of course, only time can tell as the company gets situated in their new office.


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