Hello beauty fans, Halloween is just a week away! Today we are going to do a review on some typical Halloween face and body paint products you may find in your local Halloween stores as well as the higher end Halloween type makeup sold by cosmetics brands; so grab your favorite drink (and a blanket, it cold!), settle in, and let’s talk Halloween beauty!

Halloween Store Grease Paints

The first product that we are going to be reviewing is the typical grease paint makeup you find at pretty much any Halloween pop-up store.

The Pros:
-You can pretty much find this type of makeup at any Halloween store!
-Price points are usually on the inexpensive side ranging from $1.99-$4.99 depending on the amount of product and the brand.
-It’s easy to apply, so if you are new to face/body painting it is user-friendly
-It does not need to be activated (see the next product below for a description of what that means) so you can just apply it straight from the package!

The Cons:
-It does not stay put, it moves very easily even if it is set, and if you are oily? Forget about it! Your face will be melting like the Wicked Witch of the West in no time, but if that is your costume, that actually just might work for you!
-Given its non-staying power it also transfers onto clothing really easily, so if you plan on using it don’t wear clothing that is expensive, because once this sucker gets on your clothes they are pretty much stained for life.
-Not a lot of color variety
-Most come in a single package or max of 3 in one pallet
-Sizes are usually really small

Bottom line:
If you are looking for an inexpensive product to practice with and are not looking for longevity this is a great product.

Cosmetic Brand Water Activated Paints

Some of our favorite brands are Mehron, Wolfe FX, Snazaroo, and Diamond FX. All of these paints are activated using water based products. We like to take a spray bottle of water and just spray the paint once or twice until we get a cream like consistency, then apply! Another option is to spritz a little bit of MAC’s Fix Plus on there. It is water and glycerin based, so it acts as a perfect activator for the paints, and we just love the scent!

-Extremely easy to use.
-High quality. These are the types of paints that face and body painters use.
-Comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes, they even have ones that are shimmery and sparkle, think Edward from Twilight!
-Lasts longer than grease paints (just make sure you set them).
-Some brands such as our favorites: Mehron and Snazaroo, allow you to build your own pallet where you can have up to as many as 12 colors!
-Also comes in a variety of pre-made pallets

-Usually, these are not sold in Halloween stores so you will have to purchase them online.
-Higher price point than Halloween store makeup. For individual paints it can range in price anywhere from $7-13.50 per color depending on the size. While premade pallets can be anywhere from $12.99-$137!
-Since they are water activated they do run if you start sweating a lot, so make sure you set it like the dickens!
Tip: If you are going to a party where you’ll be dancing a lot ie: sweating a ton, we recommend using alcohol based paints instead. As the name implies it has to be activated with alcohol, so sweat away!

Bottom line:
If you are looking for a great product that has longevity and is also user-friendly this is a great one!

Overall, both options have their good and bad points. It all really comes down to which factor is the most important to you when choosing a Halloween makeup product. Whichever you choose, go forth and have fun, and have a Happy Halloween!

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