Hello again beauty fans! Halloween is once again upon us so what better way to get prepared than doing a Halloween series complete with step by step instructions to transform you into a gruesome zombie, a sexy siren, or a creepy clown? (ok maybe not that one) It’s starting to get chilly out, so in addition to grabbing your favorite drink, grab a blanket, settle in, and let’s talk beauty, or in today’s case Halloween gore!

Before we get started you will need liquid latex, a burn wheel, blood scab, liquid blood, translucent setting powder, foundation similar to your own natural shade or a little lighter, and 1 ply toilet paper.

Today we are going to focus on how to make theatrical wounds! We are going to discuss how to make little burn wounds/decaying flesh. We advise practicing this on the hand or forearms since it is the easiest place to do it while learning, but this can apply to other areas of the body as well such as the face.

NOTE** Make sure the area you are applying the latex over does not have a lot of hair growth. If it does, when you take the latex off you will get a free wax, meaning it will rip the hair out. To help prevent this you can trim the area and apply some Vaseline before starting.

Step 1
Makes sure to cleanse the area you are going to be applying the wound over to make sure the latex adheres well to the skin. Please make sure the area is completely dry before application

Step 2
Take a small amount of liquid latex and an old makeup brush or sponge and apply a thin layer of latex onto your hand or forearm. If using a makeup brush, please do not use one that you love. The latex ruins the brush hairs so you will have to throw it out after.

NOTE** If you have latex allergies DO NOT USE this product. If you aren’t sure if you have an allergy or not do a small patch test on your hand first to check. If you are allergic to latex Elmer’s glue works really well also and the same steps are applicable.

Step 3
Take a square of one ply toilet paper and tear the edges so it isn’t perfectly even (we want it a little jagged) then lay it over the latex. Make sure to pat it down so all the edges are flush with your skin.

Step 4
Apply a thin layer of latex over the tissue.

Step 5
Take another square of one ply toilet paper and tear it into a smaller piece than the first and apply it over the latex and make sure to pat it down so all the edges are flush with your skin. We are going to be building up the area to get some nice texture.

Step 6
Apply another thin layer of latex over top.

Step 7
Take a piece of 1 ply tissue and tear it into even smaller pieces and just put on a few areas to make the wound look more raised.

Step 8
Apply just a tiny amount of liquid latex to the the third layer of tissue paper.

Step 9
Let it dry! You can blow dry the area or let it air dry (though the blow drier is a lot faster) it needs to be almost completely(but not 100%) dry before moving on or the next steps won’t work!

Step 10
Take a small bamboo stick or a toothpick and carefully start to poke little holes in the tissue paper if it’s 100% dry it won’t work so you need to find those still slightly damp spots to tear into) Please be careful not to cut yourself, which means don’t use really sharp objects like knives or scissors to do this part! Make the holes in various sizes: some big some small.

Step 11
Apply foundation to make the tissue look more like skin and make sure to blend around the edges. Cream foundation works better for this than liquid.

Step 12
Set the whole thing with translucent setting powder, this is a must! Latex is very sticky when it dries so if you don’t set it with a powder when we go in with additional products they won’t blend.

Step 13
Using a mixture of the brown, red, and purple colors from the burn wheel on a sponge dab it on the outer edges of the tissue so it looks bruised and infected.
Tip: If you don’t have a burn wheel you can also use paints from the Halloween store.

Step 14
Grab the red from the burn wheel and on a small brush apply to the inside of the holes

Step 15
Take some of the black from the burn wheel and apply on the edges of the inside of the hole only! We only want red in the center. Black on the perimeter of inside the hole creates the illusion of deeper and infected holes.

Step 16
Add wound filler, scab blood, or blood paste (all of which are just congealed thick blood) to the inside of the holes

Step 17
Add liquid blood around the outer perimeter of the holes and you’re all done!!


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