Halloween Series Part 2: Easy Masquerade Ball Mask Using Makeup Only!

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Hello hello, beauty fans! Halloween is almost here! For those of you still searching  for a last-minute Halloween costume, we have some great ideas on how you can get a fantastic look using only makeup.  So settle in, grab your favorite beverage, and let’s talk beauty!

Today we are going to talk about how to achieve a Masquerade Ball mask! This is a quick and easy costume idea. The mask is the focal point, so all you need to do is just throw on a fancy dress or suit and your costume is done!

Note: Make sure to have your face makeup already done before doing the mask part. If you are using pigments and glitter on the entire mask, then do your face makeup after, otherwise you will have to redo it since the glitter will get everywhere. If you are just putting little accents of glitter on the mask you are fine doing your face makeup first.

Step 1 Block Your Eyebrows

First thing we are going to do is block our eyebrows.  If you don’t have a lot of hair you can get away with just covering them up with some foundation. However, if you have been blessed with nice thick brows you will need to block them out otherwise they will show through the mask.

Using an Elmer’s glue stick apply to your brow hairs in circular motions back and forth all over the brow making sure to coat every hair. You can either apply the glue stick directly to the hair or you can apply it using a metal makeup spatula (we do this since it helps us to push the hairs flat). Taking a disposable mascara wand or a spoolie, brush the hairs in the direction that they naturally grow. Let me repeat that: Brush the hairs in the direction that they naturally grow, don’t do it like a beauty makeup application. If you do the hairs will not lay flat!

After its almost dry using a translucent setting powder, apply a thin layer over top. This will help us to see if there are any areas that are not lying flat. Then apply another thin layer of the glue. Smooth out any lines or bumps you have with the glue and then using the spatula smooth down the hairs that are still sticking up. Repeat this process until everything is lying flat.

Once all the hairs are flat, using an orange color corrector (if you have dark brows) apply it over the brows. Then apply either a concealer or foundation in the shade of your natural skin tone, and voila! Your eyebrows are gone! You can also set it again with another layer of powder. We recommend this especially if you are oily.

Step 2 Outline the Mask

Outline the mask using a white eyeliner pencil. It helps to look at a reference photo of a mask in order to help with your line work if you are having a hard time coming up with something on your own. Just remember if you copy from a makeup artist’s work, do not forget to credit them for it since you are using their idea.

Step 3 Go Over the White Line Work with Black

Once you are satisfied with the line work go back over it with a black liquid eyeliner or gel liner. We prefer liquid since it is a little smoother upon application.

Step 4 Shade the Inside of the Mask

Shade the inside of the mask with any colors you want: Red, purple, green, bright blue, you can even use multiple colors just make sure to blend the edges of each color together so there are no harsh lines.

Tip: If you want to use multiple colors but are unsure which colors go together, looking at a color wheel will help!

For this example, I am going to talk about purples! Using a light purple body paint shade the entire inside portion of the mask (including the eyelids). We prefer body paint since you don’t have to use an eyeshadow primer, and it also gives more opaque coverage. Then taking a deeper toned purple eye shadow shade around the perimeter of the light purple to give it some depth. We like to use blending brushes like the Sigma E 25 and the MAC 224 to do this.

Step 5 Add Glitter!

Apply glitter adhesive (we like Too Faced Glitter Glue) over top of where you applied the dark purple shadow. Work in sections since this dries fast! Then gently dab, don’t swipe, the glitter onto the mask using a flat synthetic brush like the MAC 242.

Step 6 Line Your Water Line

Line your upper and lower water line with a black eye kohl then apply dramatic false lashes.

Step 7 Apply False Lashes

We like the “Iconic” style lashes from House of Lashes.

Step 8 Add More Bling! (Optional)

To add a little more bling, you can also add a layer of rhinestones above the glitter as well! Or on any line work, like swirls, that you have extending from the mask. We like the crystal AB ones!

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