Happy 2nd Birthday Prince George! How Will & Kate Try to Give Prince George a “Normal” Life

Today, the 22nd of July, just happens to be Prince George’s 2nd birthday! You would think that the adorable little prince is in for a treat, as he will most likely be getting anything and everything for his special day. The two year old is third in line for the British monarchy and great grandson to Queen Elizabeth II.

Parents to the toddler, Prince William and Kate Middleton, have aimed to keep their children’s lives as normal as possible, given their royal situation. While it is unlikely George will have a “Princess Diaries moment,” — be told of his royal lineage when it’s almost time for him to take the throne — he can spend his early childhood completely oblivious to the fact that one day he could rule the nation.

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It is inevitable that the young royal will learn of his birthright at some point in the not so distant future, however Will and Kate have decided to pretend that George and his baby sister Charlotte are normal children for as long as possible. This is to stall the predestined pressure they both will have to face in the future.

Will and Kate are taking certain steps to ensure their children have a normal upbringing. Without a doubt, the Middleton family is a great influence to follow for Will and Kate. The Middletons are not of aristocratic blood, meaning they exemplify what a normal family looks and acts like. Kate of course, knows what growing up in a normal family is like, so this will give her and Will even more help with raising their royal children as typical kids.

The family has also moved out of busy central London to Anmer Hall, a much more secluded and private home for the children to grow up in. Katie Nichol, author of Kate: The Future Queen explains, living full time in London for the family was intolerable, “They call Kensington Palace the pressure cooker. I think they feel very claustrophobic there. They feel watched all the time and they feel that they can’t relax.”

“Diana tried very much to give William and Harry normal lives. But they were always photographed, there was always someone lurking in the bushes,” says Katie Nichol. “William really doesn’t want that for George or his sibling so by being in the countryside they can just have a normal childhood, which is what Kate had and is what I think William loves about the Middletons. And that’s something he’d loved to emulate for his own family.”

Will and Kate are determined to be as involved in their children’s lives as possible. Most royals are brought up by staff members and nannies, however George and Charlotte will be mostly surrounded by family. The family has a small and intimate staff, nothing like what is seen on Downton Abbey or movies about past monarchy.

Prince William even has a working class job as an air ambulance pilot. There’s no special treatment for this prince, as he will be working brutally late and long hours that go beyond the means of 9-5. Again, having a parent that works regularly will be a great influence in the children’s lives.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte could not be any luckier to have better parents that are concerned with preserving the fragility of their childhood. Their time to shine in the limelight will certainly come, but for now, all they need to worry about is growing up and having fun!

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