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Every girl has those days. The ones where you wake up and your hair is out of control. From oil to frizz to flyways, you just can’t seem to escape those awful days when your hair just doesn’t look right. If throwing on your favorite Polo baseball cap is a tad too casual (work attire doesn’t allow hats that’s for sure), then it’s time to consider a different hair accessory: the headband. With endless colors, styles and shapes, you’re bound to find a headband that will meet your every need.

Beaded, braded and studded, oh my. Different kinds of headbands can help you with precarious hair dilemmas. If you didn’t have time to wash your hair (aka you just pulled an all nighter in the library and had no time to shower), your usually luscious locks are most likely covered in more oil than you’d care to let the world see. In this case, choose a thick cloth headband (if you need something fancier, a thick braided or lace headband can also work). Cover up all that oil; slip on your headband, position it in the middle of you’re head and oil-be-gone (the illusion can last all day if executed properly).

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If you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t suffer from the oily hair curse, then maybe you slept on your hair weird. If you showered the night before and didn’t have the energy to use your blow dryer, chances are the annoying ring of your alarm clock will bring disgruntled early morning feelings and a seriously bad hair day. If this is the case a thin studded headband may be your best bet. Throw your hair in a low bun, or low pony, and wear it hippie bohemian style (straight across your forehead). This will help to keep your flyways down and take attention off your less than luscious hairdo.

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Every headband lover agrees, you can never have too many. So start your collection, and when one of those days roll around again, simply skip into your closet and grab your favorite headband; you’re hair and your ego will thank you.


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