Actor and popular Jazz Musician, Harry Connick Jr. is going to be getting his own talk show. The forty-eight-year-old performer has commented to the press that since the “farewell season” for American Idol is coming to an end that he wanted to create a variety talk show with Fox. The new talk show has producers Eric and Justin Stangel, who are previously known for their work on CBS’s The Late Show with David Letterman.

Connick has recently commented on social media the many reasons why he wanted to have his own talk show, the most important being that he reportedly loved to talk to people. He also stated that he wants to be like the best TV talk show hosts out there (Ellen, Oprah, etc.) and also claimed that with his show he could be a part of the entertainment business more by promoting future projects and talent.

The show, “Harry”, is set to have interviews with guests, performances, street segments, and audience interactions. Connick has adeptly stated that he will not be having games on his show, commenting that he detests the idea of having goofy skits. Another big decision he has made is following the pre-interview set up on his shows, meaning he can ask any question he wants without warning for his interviewee guest. Connick claims that he likes the idea of getting to the truth more than sticking to a set list of questions.

Harry Connick Jr. has also remarked that he doesn’t care right now about the new show’s ratings. He says that he is not worried about the risks he is taking and hopes for the best.

When discussing American Idol, he claims that he was never really the type of person who loved being a judge for a television show. Connick commented that he never really the type of person who liked to judge people, but he tried his best to be a mentor figure for the signing game show.

“Harry” will be premiering on all Fox syndicate channels on September 12th.

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