Harry Potter and Friends reunited at Quidditch Match

J.K. Rowling continues to give Harry Potter fans what they want with a mini reunion.

At the end of the 7th book “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” fans were given an epilogue which gave some details of the future of the characters. In the end Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley have married and had two kids, and Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley had three children.

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Now seven years later, an article written for the Daily Prophet, a newspaper created for the Harry Potter world, was released on Pottermore, which gave updates on everyone’s favorite characters. The article was written “by the Daily Prophet’s Gossip Correspondent, Rita Skeeter”.

Everyone’s beloved characters reunited at the Qudditch World Cup Finals. Harry and his family were found at the “VIP section of the campsite which is protected by heavy charms and patrolled by Security Warlocks”.

Although the lives of our characters are still glamorous and full of popularity, they are still aging.

Facebook/Harry Potter
Facebook/Harry Potter

At this point Harry  is 34, and even though his physical features show he has aged, he still has his signature glasses and his scar never faded. A new addition that has people talking is a scar on Potter’s right cheek. Nothing has been revealed about how he got it, although Skeeter worked hard to try and figure out what had happened.

We find out that Potter is working for the Ministry of Magic, and Weasley, who worked there for a few years, now works as a co-manager of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, a joke emporium.

Hermione is still rising in the ranks, which was to be expected from such a powerful woman. The report said that she is moving up in the ranks in the Department of Magical Law.

There were other characters mentioned in the report, such as Neville Longbottom, and Luna Lovegood. The cast all seems to be doing well in their respective fields, leaving fans to rest easy.

The report ends with promises of the stories into the lives of the characters that will be available in one of the fantasy shops created in the Wizarding World on July 31st.

It is unknown as to whether the reporter will keep fans updated, as they have in this article, but for more information and possible updates, fans can go to Pottermore.com to read the Daily Prophet.


Facebook/J.K. Rowling
Facebook/J.K. Rowling

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