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Health & Fitness

Healthy Foods

10 Healing Foods to Add to your Diet

Healing foods are an amazing way to shape up your way to a healthy, long life. With people living sophisticated lifestyles, concentrating on healthy and healing foods is highly underrated. This is mostly because of the busy lifestyles people engage in. Everyone indulges in grab-and-go snacks or go-to snacks, which sometimes carry the unhealthiest ingredients, which may lead to serious…

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7 Reasons Why Yoga Is The Best Anxiety Treatment

Yoga is a comprehensive plan of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or teachings in the subcontinent. This technique is one of the six traditional philosophical schools of Hinduism. A set of specific exercises called poses, specific breathing methods, and meditation is significant in a yoga class. The best exercise in this paradigm will rely on individual needs. Usually, a complete…

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Emotional regulation

6 Practical Emotional Regulation Tools To Support Children and Parents

How important is Emotional Regulation for a child to learn and grow? Emotional Regulation is the key to develop workable learning situations, and a balanced mindset. Sometimes, people do not even realize that they face difficulty in coping with some emotions. The reactions may hurt them or others. Emotional Regulation is understanding and dealing with emotions positively. Moreover, mental health…

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3 Step Guide in Cultivating Confidence

With an origin from Latin, Confidence means ‘to trust.’ Thus, trusting in oneself and having confidence is an extreme factor that contributes to the well-being of individuals. The feeling of confidence is believing and feeling positive for yourself, and having faith in your capabilities throughout your journey of success.  Although trust is food for a well-functioning relationship, that’s also fulfilling…

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Simple Indigestion or a Serious Condition?

The burning question Indigestion is mostly mistaken for a heart attack for their similarities. Mostly these discomforts are confirmed to be just normal heartburn. With the evolution of lifestyle and daily practices, many face the occasional yet unpleasant fact of the searing pain of heartburn. It’s often described and considered as a sign of‘ Acid Reflux.’ Reflux is when stomach…

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