Via Facebook/Jean Mallia

In a world filled with problems, wars, genocide, starvation, poverty and racial differences, one thing everyone has in common is music. Music is the one thing that can make you forget about the world’s heartaches for a few moments and lose yourself in the hypnotic beats and rhythms of a simple melody. We find personal meaning within the words the author provides us, which can both bring on many emotions, whether it’s passion, sorrow or inspiration.

Via Facebook/Jean Mallia
Jean Mallia, 23

Born from a drummer father and a vocalist/bass guitarist mother, you can safely say for Jean Mallia that music was in the blood. “When my mom got an ultrasound the technician couldn’t get me to stay still because my hands were going a mile a minute, and the technician said “you’ve got a musician on your hands!”

This rocker has played at The Bitter End in NYC, opened for Tyler Hilton at the Crossroads in Garwood New Jersey and also for Abandon Kansas at The Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia. She plays the piano as well as the guitar, which not only enables her to open the doors of opportunity, but kick them down with full force (with stylish shoes of course)!

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She writes her own music and finds inspiration in everything she does, from something as simple as the weather to world events.

“To me, writing music is what it’s all about, playing and pouring out your soul and emotions into a song. I think it’s something our mainstream society has set aside and has made everyone numb to thinking. Instead they want instant gratification and real artists are no longer appreciated.”

She takes the emotional encounters of her life as well as the encounters of those around her, expressing and opening her heart and soul to the world. Whether it’s through pop music, rock or even acoustic guitar, her genre depends on her mood, the notions of a true artist.

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While visiting Allentown PA, Mallia got the chance to really show what she was made of. “I was watching Neon Trees play at the Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown PA and they’re drummer was on maternity leave at the time. They were singing a song titled “Mad Love” where the lead singer, Tyler Glenn, sings the first verse and the drummer, Elaine Bradley sings the second verse. But since she wasn’t at the show, I was handed the microphone to fill in for her and I rocked it! Such an unexpected steller moment.”

For more on this “soon to be #1 star,” check out her YouTube Channel, or follow her on Twitter for information on upcoming shows.


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