Heels for women are the ultimate female shoe and are considered one of the most beloved women’s shoes. They can be worn both in formal occasions and on a walk in the shops. Their advantage is that they give the woman intense femininity while at the same time combining elegance with style and refinement with elegance. Nowadays there is no woman who does not have enough pairs of heels in her closet. So women choose the right couple according to their preferences, their style, but also what they want to attend. There are many types of heels. Below you can see the most popular types of heels that from time to time steal women’s hearts.

Classic heels for women

Classic Era Heels

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The classic ones are usually worn in more formal situations, although this is not absolute. They are characterized by their elegance and  are considered “serious” and my purpose is to emphasize the prestige and personality of the woman but without sacrificing appearance and beauty.

Peep toe Heels for women

Peep toe pumps….

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They reveal the toe or some of the toes. And are considered extremely feminine and very attractive. Usually combined with a very good pedicure and the result is flawless. Peep toe heels are a style that combines beautiful and elegant appearance with the dynamism and personality of a woman.

With back strap

Heels With Back Strap

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This design is very beautiful and has a modern design. The strap on the back adds grace to this style and makes them more attractive. You will find this type of heels in many variations such as for example with a thin strap, with a thick strap, etc. This is a style that reveals much of the foot and for this reason can often win impressions.

High heels for Women

High Heels for Everyone….

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These are perhaps the king in this style of shoes as it has some comparative advantages such as giving extra height to the woman and making her more feminine and sexier. After all, what woman does not have a pair of high heels in her closet. These shoes are very stylish and suitable for different occasions. Almost all styles of heels can be found in these.

Kitten heel for Women

Kitten Heels

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It is a style that gives grace to the woman while emphasizing her personality. This peculiar heel that kitten heel  have is characterized by its discretion but also by the femininity it gives to the woman. This style is suitable for many occasions and for women who want to be elegant but without being excessive.

Depending on the toe

They are also distinguished based on the toe they have. So we have the ones with a round nose, the ones with a square nose and the pointed ones or otherwise with a point or pointed nose. Each style has its own advantages and its own graces. Depending on the season, a different style prevails. So other times in fashion are the pointed heels, other times the heels with a round toe and other times  with a square toe.

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