Her Universe Fashion Show SDCC 2018

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This past weekend, San Diego Comic Con was graced by the Her Universe Fashion Show. The show is the ultimate showcase of fangirl couture which began to be showcased at the event five years ago. Run by Ashley Eckstein and her team, the show was the biggest that Comic Con has ever seen, boasting up to twenty-four different designers.

Each of the designs that went down the runway was inspired by some facet of pop culture, whether it be TV Shows, Movies, Comics etc. Like every year, the chosen winners are expected to collaborate with Epstein on an upcoming collection. This year, winners will be assisting in the designs for a collection centered on Marvel’s fourth installment of the Avengers, which will be available at Hot Topic. Below are some of the winners:

The Audience Winner was Kristi Siedow-Thompson, who attracted awe with this yellow-hazard suit maxi dress inspired by Ripley in Aliens.

Her Universe Fashion Show. #heruniverse #heruniversefashionshow #torridfangirl

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Cynthia Kirklan won Judges Winner for her cerulean, marine number inspired by Guillermo Del Torro’s The Shape of Water.

The Singer Award Went To Jane Burson for her incredible, feathered feat inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle.

The show itself other surprises, such as the appearance of Jodie Whitaker who will be playing the thirteenth doctor on Doctor Who. She herself was modeling a Her Universe line inspired by the Sci-Fi show.

In all, it seems that this year’s fashion show certainly delivered on all fronts, whether it was fashion or just pure excitement. It will certainly be interesting to see just what comes of it when the Hot Topic line is released.

Featured Image via Flickr/Kevin Dooley


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