In the sweltering August heat, most people might reach for one type of shoe; the sandal. Whether its flip-flops or a buckled type, the first and foremost use of the sandal is to provide comfort to the foot in the hot weather. However, most people may realize that it has not always been able to accomplish this while also maintaining an aesthetic appeal.

After all, while awkward shoes such as the Birkenstock have a comeback, it’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. So here are a few picks that might appeal for those looking for a more elevated take on the sandal:

These Nana Ubach Betelgeuse sandals are completed made of straw. If that detail alone doesn’t turn any heads, its also worth noting the two straps, which may provide extra support. (Priced at $41)

These Fay May Muted Love Sandals come in an array of cotton candy colors, which is likely to be a plus for many people. (Priced at $35)

These black Avarcas sandals from Jutelaune are sleek and minimalist, which may check off quite a few boxes for those who don’t wish to appear gaudy. (Priced at $80)

This is the Jennie Ellen Maxi Sandal It’s a purple suede shoe with a slight heel and ruffles. Need I say more? (Priced at $141)

These Ashley Summer Co. Woven Sandals are also a good option for anyone who seeks to further emulate the woven trend. (Priced at $116)

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