Nowadays, high-end makeup is replaced by drugstore makeup, and undoubtedly, we agree on this point. High-end makeup is costly, and sometimes it’s a total waste of money. There are quite many products which are replaced with drugstores, but this is not always the case. Some high-end makeup is irreplaceable. Moreover, luxury makeup contains well-researched ingredients that are not harmful to the skin. Today, we will be sharing some extraordinary luxury make up which are worth the splurge.

1- Bobbi Brown-Vitamin enriched face base

High-end makeup
Credit: Facebook/Naturella-Beauty

This is a holy grail primer which works perfectly for dry skin. It keeps your skin moisturized for a very long time and makes your skin feel healthy. It works amazing under a foundation and makes it stay for long. Moreover, your skin will not feel oily at all due to its unbeatable formula.

2- NARS Foundation

High-end makeup
Credit: Facebook/C’estlavie Cosmetics
Oh! Yes, you will read quite a mix of reviews about this foundation, but believe me, this thing does magic on your face. The formula is undoubtedly the best as It’s not completely matte, a little sheer which makes it to our list of best luxury high-end makeup. Moreover, the packaging is very simple but seems very luxurious. You should try it out for astonishing results.

3- Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

High-end makeup
Credit: Facebook/Beauty-parliament
If you are looking for an original full-coverage formula, then put your hands on this high-end makeup concealer. It’s so difficult to make someone understand the fact that its full coverage but not unbearable thick. I can make it simple for you “ It does not feel heavy or cakey at all but super full coverage”. It is so easy to blend and can reduce dark circles like magic.

4- Hourglass- Ambient Lighting powder

High-end makeup
Credit: Facebook/TW-treasureworld
This powder is insanely amazing, like you want every regret buying this. It puts a very nice subtle glow on your face, especially when you use an extremely matte foundation for your skin. It lightens up your face and gives it life. There are blushes, Bronzers, finishing powder that is Ambient lightening powders, and every single thing is amazing.

5- Anastasia Beverly Hills Bow Wiz (High-end makeup)

High-end makeup
Credit: Facebook/
Anastasia brow pencil is worth your money, and it’s my personal favorite, too. The tip of the brow pencil is so tiny that it becomes easy to mimic your hair and even fill your space area. This brow pencil will make your life much easier.

6- Hourglass Blush (High-end makeup)

Credit: Facebook/Fen-lin
Hourglass blush has changed the game for many of us with its undeniable quality. It does not contain a large chunk of glitters, which is a plus point in our super easy to blend out. There are such subtle pigments in its formula that does not create a mess on your skin

7- Huda beauty Translucent powder (High-end makeup)

Credit: Facebook/
Translucent powder sets your face or under the eyes and does not let it crease out. Finding a powder that does not leave residue behind is always a challenge. Huda beauty translucent powder is, in fact, the golden bar. It does its work as no other power does.
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