Higher Childhood IQ Linked to Longer Life: Study

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According to the quick development of society, increasing of individuals pay much attention on health and lifestyle due to the rise of economy. Especially for elders, they have time and money to take care of their health. Based on the data from Census, there were 14.4% of persons over 65 years in Delaware and 12.1% of persons in New York city. Delaware could be seemed countryside state compared with New York city, and the data shows that there were more than 2.3% of elders over 65 years in Delaware. Thus, due to environmental problems and bigger population in the cities, increasing of individuals including youth and elder pay much attention to health and lifestyle in the cities.

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh in the UK found that children with higher intelligence could result in a lower risk of death, which is majorly caused by heart disease, stroke, and smoking-related cancers. Researchers did a study from the years of 1936 and 2015. They collected the number of 33,536 men and 32,229 women in Scotland in 1936, and the participants took a validated childhood intelligence test at age 11. Ending in December 2015, researchers collected the data of the cause of death from the same participants. The major causes of death were heart disease, stroke, specific cancers, respiratory disease, digestive disease, external causes, which included suicide and death from injury, and dementia. Without factors causing the death such as age and sex, researchers found that higher intelligent results from the test in 1936 have a lower risk of death. How were the results concluded? From the data, individuals with higher intelligence test scores had a 28% of risk of death from respiratory disease and 25% of risk of death from coronary heart disease.

The results could not be absolutely correct for every individual. However, on the other hand, the experiment shows that higher intelligent individuals might be good at finding ways to take care of themselves with strong wealth such as efficiently scheduling time for exercise even the work is busy. In other words, time management could be one of reasonable factors to improve health. Moreover, based on the data, smoking could cause intelligence on differences in mortality. Thus, higher intelligence individuals could find smart and efficient ways to take care of their health instead of the affect of intelligence directly affect individuals’  lifetime.

I am Fashion Merchandising major and Business Administration minor at University of Delaware. I am going to graduate at the end of 2017. I am planning to find my careers in New York city after graduation and reach the degree of graduate in the next few years for my next step. It makes me excited to know and enter the fashion industry, and I will dramatically pursue it in the future.

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