Hijab Trends Dazzling the International Fashion in 2021

hijab trends

Hijab trends are popular in every country, either Muslim or not. Hijab isn’t only for covering your head. In 2021 there are thousands of unique ways to wear headscarves. You can wear it in a modernized way as well following Islamic sharia. A few years back, many international countries have prohibited wearing a hijab. Now it has been made a fashion statement.

hijab trends
Classy and graceful – pexels.com

People used to think of hijab trends as a symbol representing only Muslims. Once, it was considered a sign of restraint, and now it represents cultural values, elegance, style, and most importantly, women’s empowerment. It has empowered every Muslim and Non-Muslim woman around the globe. It provides a bold yet sophisticated look, appreciates and doubles the beauty of every woman.

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hijab trends
The Shades of Burgundy – pexels.com

We’ve seen women walking on the runway, styling different and exclusive hijabs. It is also making efforts in society and guiding women that they can adapt hijab and fashion altogether. This year about 41% of women started wearing Hijabs, and it has dazzled the international market.

Here are some unique styled Hijabs for your face type:

1.     Silk Hijabs Trends:
hijab trends
The Power- pexels.com

In 2021, the most trending Hijabs are silked ones. It’s better to wear a cap before wearing your headscarf as silk is a slippery fabric. It will wrap it properly and neatly. Silk hijabs always look classic and sleek. These are best for events and festivals. You can carry it with any formal attire and can style it according to your preference.

2.     Trendy Woolen Hijabs:
hijab trends
The cool hues- pexels.com

For winters, these woolen Hijabs are on the trending list. They’re cozy and warm. These hijabs are soft and smooth, and provide great comfort in winters. You can easily style it with any attire like jeans and a top. For more warmth, you can wear a woolen cap inside your scarf. It will protect you from the cold air of winters.

3.     Layered Hijab:
hijab trends
Beautiful Styles – pexels.com

Nowadays, girls like to experiment with numerous styles for their scarves. Layered hijab is the most trending of all. There are countless YouTube tutorials available to guide you on how to wear it properly. Just make layers and pin it up with a scarf pin. Always choose the more considerable girth scarves as you need to make three or four-folds. Cover the front of your body with the front of your hijab. For a formal look, you can use a fancy scarf pin.

4.     Knotted Hijab Trends:
hijab trends
Amazing Knots – pixabay.com

Knotted hijabs are in fashion due to their unique and charming look. Women can wear them with any dress or work attire. Make 2 layers from the sides and pin it up perfectly. Make a knot with the fabric remaining in front and modernize your actual presence. You can choose any material for this hijab style. This stylish hijab can be utilized with casual and formal outfits.

5.     Printed and floral Hijabs:
A combination – pexels.com

Printed and floral Hijabs are trending in summers 2021. They’re suitable for women of all ages. The scarves in light hues are ideal for summers. Turkish and Iranian women primarily wear these. Digitally printed Hijabs preferably look more attractive because of their irregular patterns. Girls prefer floral clothing. Thus, floral hijabs can work for them.

6.     Frill Hijabs:
Timeless Trend- pexels.com

This is another 2021 hijab trend. Frill scarves have always been popular among young girls. The most astounding thing about these scarves is their ability to stay on your head easily. Fluffy and ruffled scarves add volume to your head that holds the cloth in place.

Wrap Up the Hijab Trends!
Enjoy the Glam – pexels.com

The first step is to find the right scarf that will perfectly fit your face. It doesn’t change the appearance of anyone but adds beauty and elegance to the entire personality. These hijab styles are fashionable in the year 2021. For more incredible styles and hijab trends, be creative and pair them with elegant dresses.

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