Hello, beauty fans!  The holidays are never complete without doing a least one beauty look that incorporates a bombshell red lip so of course, today that’s what we are going to be talking about, so grab your favorite drink, settle in, and let’s talk beauty!

Today’s look was achieved using a combo of MAC, Melt, and Colour Pop brands. Keep on reading to see how you can achieve a timeless beauty classic!

Step 1 Apply Eyeshadow Primer

Any eyeshadow primer will do, but you all know my favorites by now! For myself, I always like to use the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion or just put my concealer on my eyes and set with a translucent setting powder! As always, please make sure to apply a primer before applying eyeshadow otherwise your eyeshadow will not stay put and you will end up with it underneath your eyes!

Step 2 Apply Antique (Melt)

Using a MAC 224 or Sigma E40, swirl your brush in Antique and tap off the excess. Then apply from the lower to upper crease in windshield wiper and circular motions, but do not bring the color up to the brow bone.

Step 3 Apply Soft Brown (MAC)

Using a MAC 224 or Sigma E40, swirl your brush in Soft Brown and tap off the excess. Then apply from the lower to upper crease in windshield wiper and circular motions under Antique. You all know by now that this is my favorite go to transition shade since I gravitate towards warm tones. If it’s too warm for you, you can stay on the cooler side and use a shadow like Wedge instead.

Step 4 Apply Saddle (MAC)

Using a MAC 224 or Sigma E40, swirl your brush in Saddle and tap off the excess, then apply to the crease below Soft Brown in windshield wiper and circular motions. Then go back over it with a clean blending brush to make sure there are no harsh lines. I like to use the Morphe M505 brush for this!

Step 5 Apply Rott (Melt)

Using a Sigma E25 or a MAC 217 brush, swirl your brush in Rott and tap off the excess. Apply the color on the outer corner of the eyelid in patting motions then start blending in circular motions (bring it VERY slightly in towards the center of the eye) then blend up into the lower crease right under Saddle.

Tip: To make the outer V color really deep, use a dense blending brush like the Morphe M433. It packs on the color really nicely while simultaneously helping to slightly blend. Since this brush only slightly blends you need to go back over it with a fluffier brush like the Morphe M505 to make sure there are no harsh lines.

Step 6 Apply Lovely (Colour Pop)

I find when using the Super Shock eyeshadows from this brand that it works better when applying with your fingers instead of a brush (which is what they suggest as well!) Start by taking a small amount on your ring finger and gently apply to your eyelid. If you want to add more after you have that initial base set down, you can grab a MAC 242 brush or any other synthetic brush and add more since repeatedly trying to layer with your fingers gets messy! However, since these shadows are extremely pigmented, I find the initial application using my finger is enough and the only time I need a brush is when I am trying to get into the inner corner of my lid. However, if you want that extra glam go ahead and layer that bad boy; you do you boo!

Then taking your E25 or 217, apply a little more Rott on the outer v of the eyelid making sure to blend the edges between it and the lid color.

Step 7 Apply Eyeliner

You can either use liquid or gel for this. On myself, I like to use liquid eyeliner. I find it goes on smoother and is quicker for me than gel. With this look, you can add a nice sharp wing, a little flick, or just follow the natural shape of your eye. I chose to follow the natural shape of my eye. What can I say, I love to do a sharp wing on my clients, but not on myself, not my thang!

Step 8 Smoke Out Lower Lash Line

Using a pencil brush, swirl your brush in Saddle, tap off the excess, then run it back and forth on your lower lash line from outer to inner corner. Repeat with Rott then blend out using your 217 or E25. We want it diffused, no harsh lines!

Step 9 Mascara or Falsies

Apply your favorite pair of false eyelashes to complete the look, or just mascara your naturals!

Step 10 Lips

I love me a good red lipstick! My favorite classic red lip combo of all time is Russian Red paired with Cherry lip liner, both my MAC of course. It’s my ride or die every holiday season, some things never change! Except, this year they did… dun dun dun! For this look, I actually used Cherry lip liner and Como La Flor, one of the limited edition lipsticks from the MAC x Selena collab. I know, I was in shock too. I couldn’t believe I actually tried a new red lipstick, oh the insanity lol I love the finish of it too, looks juicy like a red apple!

**I also went for REALLY dewy skin with this look and loved the way it turned out. Just because you are wearing a red lip and going for a classic look doesn’t mean you can’t have the dew too!

A photo posted by Erin (@lolalarueartistry) on Nov 5, 2016 at 12:26pm PDT

A photo posted by Erin (@lolalarueartistry) on Nov 5, 2016 at 12:34pm PDT

Stay tuned later this week for an article on how to choose the perfect red for your skin tone!

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