How To: Homemade Stuffed French Toast

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Nothing beats a delicious breakfast, but when pancakes and waffles seem a little too bland, the question of what to make seems to be left hanging in the balance. Well, for all those breakfast lovers who are dying to experiment with something new, here’s a simple recipe that will make you jump for joy (it really will). What is this godsend you ask? Stuffed French toast (with a twist).

Making this delicious early morning treat is as easy as wiping out a Bloomingdale’s gift card in one shopping trip. All you need is croissants (yes croissants), eggs, cinnamon, milk and cream cheese. The first step is making the egg mixture. Crack as many eggs as you need (depending on how much French toast your making), mix in a little milk and some cinnamon, and whisk it all together (the measurements really depend on your personal preference).

Then grab your croissant (and all it’s flaky goodness), and slice it in half, hotdog style. Soak each half in your egg mixture and slap them onto your handy skillet. Cook to perfection (a few minutes on each side). Last but not least, smear some cream cheese into the middle of your cooked croissant and stack your two halves on top of each other. Drizzle the final product with syrup, and you’re ready to indulge. Try different kinds of cream cheese (strawberry is always delicious), and eat your heart out. Bon appetite.


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