How Celebs Are Wearing Summer’s It Hat

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The oversized straw hat made popular by the designer Jacquemus is the hottest headwear of the season. Guarding your body against the sun with sunscreen or parasols is so last summer. This year, it’s giant straw hats that’ll shield your precious skin from UV rays–and your favorite celebrities agree.

Bella Hadid strikes this barely-there bikini look only a Hadid could pull off, topped by the signature straw hat that’s taken over Instagram this summer. “In my leisure suite”, the model flaunts as she shows off her enviable bod well-protected from the harmful sun by the giant hat on a Mexican beach.

in my leisure suite

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Danish sweetheart Emma Leth, model for Copenhagen brands like Sophie Bille Brahe and Balenciaga’s Fall 2017 campaign, also shows off the summer’s signature hat at–you’ll never guess–her own wedding. “We got married yesterday and my new name is Emma Rosenzweig. Thank you for the beautiful @jacquemus hat @birgerchristensen,” she says in a series of stunning photos of her wedding to artist Tal Roszenzeweig. The hat nearly conceals the entire upper half of her body, revealing the gorgeous train of her vintage lace dress. It adds not only drama, but the mystery and allure of many traditional Middle Eastern and Asian weddings where the bride’s face was saved only for the groom’s delight. Not that the look was entirely modest–her sheer dress hints at a peek of lavender underwear beneath the lace, playing with the delicate balance between sexy and covered-up.

Gals aren’t the only ones who can rock the sun-hat look, though. Guys, look no further than the Biebs himself for your next summer headwear inspiration. Even the pop star dons the giant straw hat look, although maybe with less of the dramatic impact. The outfit is an odd combo, shirtless with a sunhat and a purple football as his main accessories, cream Daniel Patrick shorts and red Vans on the bottom. But if there’s one thing you can say, Bieber’s keeping up with the latest trend. And hey, if you’re hiking half-naked in this weather, the hat’s a smart choice. Maybe next time, the brim will be even bigger.

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    • alexa fornes

      Wow! I have never seen a large straw hat like that before. Honestly, it is such a smart way of protecting your skin from the sun. The UV rays are very damaging to our skin and I think this is a smart trend that is able to benefit people within their daily activities. However, I wonder if those hats weigh a little and feel heavy on one’s head. Personally, I would wear a smaller one, but not as large of a straw hat as those images.

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