How I Embraced the Winter Season in July with Saje Natural Wellness

Bustling in the quaint quarter of the eminent Soho House located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, NKPR’s Holiday in July event readily prepared its guests for the most wonderful time of the year.

Though 80-something degrees outside with hot flash-worthy humidity, — as expected of mid-July East Coast temperatures — Holiday in July had everyone in attendance eager for the gradually approaching holiday season. NKPR, backed by Natasha Koifman, is a Canadian-based public relations company aimed at “developing tailored strategies and a public voice for each brand [they] represent.” Brands presented at the Winter Wonderland themed gathering included Line, Saje, and David’s Tea.

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Saje, a natural wellness company based in Vancouver, Canada, will have you feeling like your most relaxed, zen self in a matter of seconds. With products like the Pocket Pharmacy, a travel-sized pouch consisting of a variety of liquids created to treat a number of discomforts, you’ll be on the road to feeling in tip-top shape in no time.




During my time at the event, I spoke with Creative Director Kiara LeBlanc, (who happens to be the daughter of Saje CEO and Co-Founder Kate Ross LeBlanc) and in just a matter of minutes she went from introducing the brand to gliding the soothing liquid across my forehead, down my temples, and around the nape of my neck to form what the company refers to as a “peppermint halo.” I expected to feel immediate results but instead it took a minute or 10 for it to cause a refreshingly cool sensation, not too far from a slight tingle. The product’s catalysts honed right in on those trigger headache spots and about 45 minutes later, I was still quite impressed by its strength.


Serving as both a subtle piece of decor and a device purposed to “bringing wellness to your life by improving the quality of the air you breathe,” the ceramic Saje Ultrasonic Nebulizer is seemingly somewhat of a cross between a humidifier and a pack of incense sticks. Before bed, I added about 10 drops of Tranquility relaxing diffuser blend to water, covered the tank, and immediately the misty vapor rose, releasing a calming citrusy-floral scent. Upon resting my head on the pillow the entire room became a relaxing spa of peacefulness, lulling me into a deep, comfortable sleep.


After a night and early morning of walking, dancing, and struggling in heels, I rolled Stress Release along my insteps and calves expecting the liquid to relieve the aching and reduce the stress I so harshly added to my body. Instead, I felt no results — perhaps the neck and shoulders would have been more suitable placement.

Other remedies of Pocket Pharmacy include Peppermint Halo for headaches, Immune for germs and viruses, Eater’s Digest for digestion easing, and Pain Release for overall pain relief. Saje’s natural perfume collection is sure to please as well. Roll the pocket-sized fragrances on the crook of your neck, the back of your wrists, and behind your ears for long-lasting natural aromas available in Ananda, Goddess, Shanthi, Tantra, and Yoga; each topped with different minerals like jade and amethyst.


Photos via Saje Natural Wellness

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    • xian G
    • July 21, 2015
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    ooo this is so nice . im looking forward to trying this product. where can i get their products?

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