A while ago, before Selena Gomez was on the cover of the Brazilian edition of Vogue, she met Louis Vuitton creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière after a mutual friend sent her Ghesquière’s email address. After sending him an introductory email, it took a few more years later for the director to call Gomez and set her up as one of his regulars in his fashion shows.

Gomez says their icebreaker was Ghesquière’s like for her hit song “Good for You” and since then has joined him last May at the Met Gala. Now the singer, actress, model Gomez is set as Ghesquière’s new campaign star.

At 24, Selena Gomez says she is fully absorbed into the fashion world now that Ghesquière has introduced her to many designers and other fashion show directors. She says that in the beginning, she wasn’t any designers top choice.

Now she is recently modeled with Victoria Beckham’s label, Vetements, Givenchy, and a London start up fashion company Galvan. When modeling a new fashion product Gomez tries to turn the unconventional, as she says, into something classic and inspiring. She also commented that she wants to present an intricate fashion piece that other’s might shy away from because of its vivacious look as a wearable object.

Kate Young, her stylist, who has been a part of Gomez’s fashion evolution, says that Gomez’s work with the Louis Vuitton brand has been phenomenal. She commented that usually the brand goes for a futuristic look when they dress their models, which could make a young model like her look stuffy and uncomfortable. With Gomez, she is able to look calm and collected, her stylist praised. Young also commented that Selena Gomez is the only person she knows who makes fashion fit her personality and demeanor, not the other way around.

With her Instagram stardom, Selena Gomez is able to share her work within the fashion industry with her fans and land new jobs in the industry. Even with the recent debacle with her ex Justin Bieber, she is still on track to becoming a fashion forward icon for the industry.

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