Hello, beauty fans! Today, we are going to focus on how to achieve glowing skin for people with oily/ combination skin types. The key my oily friends to get a glow without looking over the top greasy is the use of powders. Powders are more mattifying and won’t get nearly as greasy throughout the day as liquids can. However, moderation and application are key! For example, too much powder highlighter applied to areas in which you get oily can make you look greasy throughout the day. Settle in, grab your favorite drink, and let’s talk beauty!

Step 1 Moisturize

If you have oily skin, you still need to moisturize! It helps to keep the skin supple and creates a good base for your foundation, and if you grab a moisturizer with oil control properties it’s even better! I like to use MAC Oil Control Lotion which offers both lightweight hydration and oil control!

Note: If you have never used skin care products before or are not sure what your skin type is it is best to see a dermatologist so they can recommend a good skin care regimen that will help with your specific skincare concerns. Happy skin=bomb makeup!

Step 2 Apply a Mattifying Primer

Mattifying primers are amazing for oily skin. They help to keep oil in check in order to prevent the glow from turning into the grease. Generally, most people are oily in specific areas like the T-zone. If that’s the case for your, you can apply a mattifying primer to those areas only not the entire face. However, if you are oily all over then you can apply the primer all over.

For problem areas like the T-Zone, I like to use the MAC Prep + Prime Skin Redefined Zone Treatment. Apply a small amount to the T -Zone or whichever areas you have issues with and voila, oil is beaten back! This product is amazing because it helps not only to control oil, but also works to conceal pores, and let’s face it we all know oil= bigger pores, so this little gem helps to shrink those suckers! Since this product is really only designed for problem areas, I recommend if you are oily all over using products like the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer or the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.

Step 3 Apply Foundation

Using a matte foundation here is key! You do not want to use a straight luminous foundation like Armani Luminous Silk or MAC Face and Body, this will turn an oily skinned person into a grease ball in a short period of time! Instead opt for mattifying foundations with additional oil control properties like MAC Studio Fix, L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte, Estee Lauder Double Wear, or Kat Von D Lock It Foundation.

Tip: Mix a tiny amount of a luminizer in with your foundation. This way you still get some glow without looking greasy! Just be careful where you apply it. For example, if you have large pores, applying a luminizer (liquid or powder) to that area will emphasis it even more, so avoid those areas. My favorite luminizers are the MAC Lusture drops, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid, and the NARS Illuminator.

Step 4 Set Oily Areas With Powder

To make sure we keep our oil in check, apply a setting powder to the areas in which you get oily, for example, the T-Zone. I keep reiterating the T-Zone because this is the area in which most people will have oil issues. If you are oily all over, then you will have to set everything. My favorite products for this are the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder and the Kat Von D Lock It Setting Powder.

Step 5 Apply Bronzer

You can use either a cream or powder bronzer for this. Cream bronzers give you a nice glow, but do not apply over any areas you already powdered. For example, if you powdered your T-Zone you need to use a powder bronzer in that area, but for the rest of the areas you bronze, the cream would work. Ultimately, after you apply the creams I always recommend setting with a powder to keep everything in place anyway. You can either use a translucent setting powder or bronzing powder close to the same shade.

Step 6 Apply Blush

You can use either a cream or powder blush. Cream will give you that glow, but if you want to achieve the same thing using a powder the MAC Mineralize blushes are awesome! They give off that glow but offer the convenience and ease of using a powder. If you want to use a cream you should still set it with a powder.

Step 7 Apply Highlighter

There are so many different highlighters on the market, but my favorite brands are Jeffree Star Cosmetics, MAC, Becca, Hourglass, and Artist Couture. Just make sure to find one that matches your undertones. For example, for my clients with warm/yellow based undertones I use golden highlighters, those that are more porcelain I use, and for those with cool/pinky undertones I use peach.

Make sure to apply on the high points of the cheekbones, cupids bow, center of chin, bridge of the nose. If your T-Zone tends to get oily I would not highlight your chin or nose. It is not necessary to highlight those areas; you can still get a beautiful glow focusing on other areas.

Step 8 Apply Setting Spray

I love the Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray. It has oil control properties and shellacs your makeup to your face, it won’t move!

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