How clean are you when you’re fixing your makeup? Are you sure to wash your face, and apply everything to clear skin? Did you know that you’re actually supposed to clean your applicator brushes after every single use? It’s true – unless you’re using new brushes and pads after every use, chances are you’re not fully taking care of your skin when you’re putting on your makeup.

Not cleaning your makeup brushes is extremely detrimental to your skin. Why? They are filled with bacteria and germs. Yes, there’s the germs on the skin that you’re using it on. But don’t forget that your skin gets flakey, oily, and there’s also the germs of your surroundings flooding inside and living in your brushes, which you are caressing all over your skin on a daily basis!

To keep your skin healthy, the best thing for you to do is to hand wash every brush that you have used in a sitting. That’s right – soap, water, lathering – the whole nine yards. The catch is not to use harsh chemical products like detergent or dish washing soap, or even shampoo. They are meant to tackle bigger and stronger things – not something as small and simple as a makeup brush. Some have too many silicons, or coat the brushes with thick films; they’re just not meant for makeup applicators.

The best way to clean your brushes would be to buy brush cleaners, which are sold in most beauty supply stores including MAC and Sophora. These cleaners help you wash your brushes without losing any of the bristles while maintaining that smooth, silky quality needed for applying make up. The bottom line? Take care of your skin! Clean those makeup brushes!

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