How to Disconnect from Technology this Week

Technology is a great information portal into the world. We can learn news and random facts as well as watch funny cat videos. With cell phones being so perfect for hands, some people tend to keep them there. Some people tend to use technology excessively in order to constantly be in the bubble of knowledge. Even if you are not a techno addict, you might try giving technology a rest. Who knows? You may love it.

First things first, put the cellphone/tablet/iPad down. In order to break away from technology, you need to allow yourself to be in the present moment. Take some time to really take in the setting around you. Who is with you? How is the temperature? What is the weather like? Really take the time to evaluate the environment.

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

Try to limit your usage of your phone as a way to document. If you are having a good time, just keep it that way. This is simply another way to live in the moment. Instead of getting out technology and distracting yourself, simply be. Nothing will move on without you. Just really evaluate what is great about the moment you are having.

Try leaving your phone off after a certain time. This will prevent you from distracting yourself with stuff. It also may help you develop a stronger nightly routine, instead of saying you will go to bed and then staring at your phone for two hours. Plus, it might help with later productivity on getting things done.

Create a new morning routine for yourself. Instead of the first thing you see being your phone, go without it. Try to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth. When you are all finished actually getting ready, then look at your phone. Or better yet, go without looking at your screens. Give yourself a nice chunk of time to unwind and really get prepared for the day.

Set up a day, or a week if you are brave, of no screen time. Or at least no cellphone time. This might challenge you as to what to do without a phone. You might have to print a map to places. Or, you might have to ask directions from strangers. You have to be very sure about the time of the day. A watch might be beneficial in these hours without the constant clock of the cellphone. Yet, do not worry. People survived before without technology being one touch away, so you can too.

Turn off or get away from your internet. Yes, it sounds a little terrifying. Go out and explore the mountains. Find and explore new activities for you to do. Go to a new class or activity near you. Not everything in life has to revolve around the internet. Yes, it is very easy to get sucked into all types of social media. It is all about counting how many followers/subscribers/friends you have on these accounts. Yet taking the break from social media or the internet in general is a way to relax. You are no longer concerned with how many whatever are looking or liking your posts. You are detaching yourself from that side of the world.

Taking a break from the internet can be very hard. It is especially hard today when many things in life revolve around screens. You can look at the temperature, news, weather and the list goes on. Most everyone is on their phone for an extended amount of time. Challenge yourself by setting technology aside every once in a while. You do not have to go off the grid in order to immerse yourself in life. Simply put down your phone every once in a while and let things be.

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