How To Dress For The Occasion

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How to dress for the occasion


Depending on the venue, whether it is outdoor or indoor, should be taken into consideration. When dressing for outdoor weddings it is most common to wear a casual dress with bright colors, which each color representing an emotion: yellow symbolizes happiness, pink symbolizes love, blue symbolizes peace and orange symbolizes energy. Wearing dress pants and blouse for the formal event is acceptable.

First Date

First dates can be tricky, depending on where you are going it can make a big difference in how the first date goes. Going hiking with a dress on is not the ideal attire for the occasion and can limit you. Most dates are usually casual, such as going out for dinner. If you are going on a dinner date a dress is nearly mandatory. A fitting dress will work well with colors like red that symbolizes passion or a nice black dress to add a little mystery. Try to avoid white when there is going to be food around. When dressing for a date do not reveal too much. Men when dressing for a first date jeans are ok, as long as you wear a nice dress shirt.

Meet the parents

Meeting the parents for the first time can leave an unforgettable impression on the parents. Meeting them is the same as going to job interview, and sometimes even more important. Looking the part of a well established and courteous person is crucial. Wear a nice conforming dress that does not show too much cleavage and is lengthened to the knees. Heels usually are not necessary, but flip flops or sandals are a complete no no. For men, dress as if you are about to get the job you want.

Business Meeting/Job Interview

It is always a good idea, unless told otherwise, to wear a nice suit to either a business meeting or a job interview. For an interview the suit jacket is not necessary but a tie, dress shirt, and suit pants are. Making a good impression with what you wear does play a role in whether you get the job or not. For the ladies, wear closed-toe shoes and a knee length dress with a nice suit jacket. Another way to dress for this occasion is to wear a dress shirt and dress pants, you can never go wrong with that.


Some churches have more people that wear jeans and a t-shirt whereas others are more formal. The main key is to be conservative with the attire you choose to wear. In formal churches, women usually wear a long dress or knee length dresses. Men usually wear a suit and tie or formal attire. As always, you never want to be the worst dressed in the room.


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