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Do you have small or medium-sized breasts ? Want to learn how to make it look richer by simply paying attention to the clothes you choose? Do you already have rich breasts and want to know which clothes emphasize the bust and how you can combine them properly? Read our article right away and get some basic ideas on how to achieve all this!

1) Fitted Dresses And Tops

Fitted dresses and tops for enhancing the bust!!

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A tight dress has the ability to emphasize all curves and graces! Applies to the female body, highlighting the beautiful curves. Every woman should have and wear a very tight dress here and there, as long as, of course, she feels comfortable with it. Why; because it raises a lot of confidence and this is something we all more or less want.

If you have buns on your belly and thighs, a corset that covers these points is necessary. In order to make your body look more uniform and well-shaped with the tight dress. For evening outings, tight dresses and very fitted blouses are very sexy and easy to combine.

2-Wrap Dresses And Blouses

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The dresses created by Diane von Furstenberg. They suit every woman and every body type are the so-called wrap dresses, or cruises.  Highlighting the waist and the torso, camouflage the circumference if it is not well-shaped. Or if it is overweight, creating a generally very balanced image that wants the female body to look more like the shape of an hourglass.

For both winter and summer, wrap dresses and t-shirts are ideal as clothes that emphasize the bust. And at the same time thin the image of your waist. In fact, for the summer, you can combine a cruise jumpsuit (with shorts at the bottom) with a nice pair of suede platforms in nude shades.

3-T-Shirts And Halter Dresses

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This neckline, called halter, in both blouses and dresses. These blouses and dresses  emphasize the bust. It is good to be preferred by girls and women with thinner hands, beautiful shoulders and without many buns in the hands. Since these sleeveless T-shirts and dresses emphasize women’s hands a lot and in a “difficult” way.


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These are the short tops that beautifully highlight the female torso, as well as the stomach and waist area. They are extremely sexy, revealing and in line with fashion trends. In our opinion, no clothes have specifications, there are people who can and people who can not wear it. But the truth is that in order to form a visually beautiful image, the woman who will wear such a bustier does not need to be very fat. Caution: this does not mean that it is suitable only for skinny girls and women; well, a woman with curves and… with her fat can support it very well!

5) Jackets

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We are talking about jackets that have a button just below chest height, discreet pads on the shoulders, and an opening in the back low. These jackets are ultra chic, they match any formal look. They are one of the clothes that emphasize the bodice, while at the same time they can really take off your look and style.

You can combine them with sneakers (white is top for this year) and office type pants that leave your ankles uncovered, for your morning or evening appearances if you want to combine elegance and comfort in a more casual look.

6-Slides In The Upper Part

The ones that have beautiful slide points at the top. There are sweatshirts with a closed neckline that have a nice pattern with transparency on the front; there are equally beautiful pieces of this style in overalls, even in dresses. All this together with a pair of pointed and thin-heeled heels or fitted suede over-the-knee boots, together with a jacket as mentioned above and with a strong make-up on the eyes or lips, are the hottest and sexiest for the evening your outings.

7-T-Shirts With V

In addition to the halter neckline that we talked about at length above, the V-neckline is probably the best choice for a woman with voluptuous breasts who want to emphasize it beautifully and feminine. This neckline can characterize different types of blouses: summer and winter, short-sleeved and long-sleeved, in satin or cotton fabrics and so on.


Whenever you choose clothes that emphasize the bust, it is very important to wear the appropriate bra from the inside. It fits perfectly on your chest, keeps it firm and slightly elevates it if you think you need it, while in case it is going to be visible (for example with a blouse that has transparency) it should be in black or skin color , in a smooth fabric without lace or other additions.

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