How to Make the Most of Your Summer

We say it every year. “Now that my job’s slowing down – or now that school’s over, I’m going to start working out daily. I’m going to be more efficient and present at work.” Or our personal favorite. I’m going to start saving money. Come the end of August you’ve gained ten pounds worth of all-you-can-eat crab legs. Haven’t gone to work a single Friday. And won’t even be able to afford your boss’ 30-year anniversary gift. We curse our pre-summer bodies and their notions of seasonal prosperity.

There’s good news on the horizon. These bitter, post-summer woes can be easily prevented. Whether you’re looking to slim down or save up, these tips are for you.

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

To those who have hit the snooze button five times since their ambitious 6 a.m. wake-up call, we say get a watch. Not just any watch. If you really want to make that 7 a.m. insanity workout before work, you need a watch that’s going to physically get you moving and alert for the day. Fitbit’s line of fitness-inspired watches have a silent alarm built into their technology. The gentle vibration will wake and energize you for the day ahead. No snooze button here!

The watches give you minute-to-minute feedback on where you stand with your fitness goals for the day, making you want to take those stairs to your sixth-floor flat. No, seriously, trust us!

If this modern technology isn’t enough to get you up and moving, maybe a new wardrobe will! We all know how good it feels to snip those tags and don your latest purchase for all to see. Instead of those new boyfriend jeans you’ve been eyeing, opt for a fun, printed pair of leggings. Pair it with a top from Free People’s FP Movement collection and you’ll be stopping joggers in their tracks as you cruise by on your morning run!

To those of you dulled by your work week, we say read a book. No not during work, but the night before. The National Sleep Foundation recommends winding down and partaking in relaxation activities before bed. Sans electronics. So burrito-wrap your covers and nestle down with one of the classics. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and work won’t seem like a sleep depriving torture chamber.

If sleep isn’t your issue. There’s another sure-fire solution. You guessed it. A brand new wardrobe for work! If splurging on yourself is what it takes to become a better employee, then really you’re being selfless by getting those new Manolos. Maybe don’t ask for the company’s credit card though. That’s stretching it a little too far.

To those who not only love their bodies and but their job too, we say some people just walk in the light. But everyone could use an extra few bucks, so here’s some tips on how to be financially savvy.

Make your own coffee. Instead of paying $4.95 for that Venti Mocha Frappa Whatever, get a Keurig and pop in a slow-roast cup. Not only can you enjoy this cup in the comfort of your pjs, but you can also spend a little more quality time with our friend Robin Roberts and the Good Morning America crew.

Why stop at only coffee? When you can also save money on your ‘nightly’ drinking as well. There are numerous apps available for iPhone and Androids alike that will lead you straight to the drink deals. The app, Happy Hour Finder, informs you of thousands of bars and restaurants near you that are offering happy hour drink deals. See if you can find your city on this nationwide app. You’ll get more for your hard-earned money. That’s what we like to call a win-win.

Be proactive! That’s the best advice we can give you. Don’t be one of those sour saps at the end of summer with nothing to show but an empty wallet and a hundred regrets. Tone up. Tune in. And let’s get this summer started off right.

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