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The skinny, wide pants, which erase any imperfections, are more suitable for very thin girls and women.They are still in fashion, but not at the top. Because now, in the top fashion proposals are the wide pants, which make you look beautiful, sexy, chic, fashionable even if you have a lot of extra pounds. (Okay, if you are thin, wide pants are also the ideal choice you have to do if you want to be within the context of fashion!).

How to wear baggy pants, though? Which color and in what form to choose? How to match it with your body type? How to combine it with the rest of the look of every different occasion?

These and many other questions will pop into your mind when you think about how to wear baggy pants properly. Especially if you are not used to this type of clothing. Do not worry, however, at all! We are here to share with you everything you need to know about how to wear baggy pants. Let’s go see!

How to wear wide pants properly – 4 Ideas

1-For Special Appearances…


For Special Occasions…..

The pleated finishes on these wide pants are a key detail that should be present in the pants you choose to add to your wardrobe. In addition, it is essential to complement your look with jewelry as “quiet” and neutral as these clothing preferences are. Avoid bright colors (red, fuchsia, purple, green, etc.) Choose jewelry and accessories in earth tones that simply complement and beautifully adorn your overall outfit, but without attracting the attention and eyes of others.

2-White Wide Pants

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It is worn both in winter and in summer, while it stands out amazingly with a wheaten skin. Without meaning that it does not fit perfectly on white or even dark skin. It gives a very chic, elegant and. Aristocratic, we would say, feeling, which can only impress and catch the eye.

How to wear wide white pants? With a fitted white t-shirt, with a white cropped top, with a black fitted t-shirt or cropped top, thus creating a beautiful and classic contrast and definitely with a very beautiful and light-colored bag – envelope.

3-Black Baggy Pants

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Black wide pants should in no case be absent from the wardrobe of a woman who wants to feel beautiful, chic, elegant and fashionable. While she will wear such a garment in which she will be completely comfortable and unpretentiously dazzling! In fact, as you understand, such an outfit has the ability to hide any imperfections of your body. While at the same time it makes your silhouette look slimmer and more uniform.

A pair of black wide pants can be worn all day and all night! From the morning at school or at work, at noon in the office, in the afternoon in the cafe, in the evening at night outs and even at formal receptions (Christmas Eve, wedding, etc.).

4-Wide Cropped Pants

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For girls and women who stubbornly refuse to hide their beautiful, attractive and well-shaped ankles. Cropped pants are the best solution at their disposal if they want to choose something in a wide line that is a must according to current fashion trends. .

How to wear  pants that are “cut”, that is cropped? Just like you would wear a long wide pants: stiletto heel, more or less fitted t-shirt or alternatively also a cropped t-shirt (if you feel confident with your abs!). And a very nice accessory.

Now that you know very well how to wear wide pants, do not wait at all! Buy at least one such garment (it is enough for a start) and combine it exactly as we suggested! You will impress 100%!

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