Ice-T and Coco are Expecting a Baby

Rapper Ice-T and his wife Nicole (Coco) Austin are expecting their first child together, they announced the pregnancy during the taping of their new show Ice & Coco.

The baby will be Coco’s first but Ice-T’s third since he has two other children from previous relationships. Coco told Good Day NY,

“I’ve been pregnant for a while, but we’ve been holding it between us for some time. It’s a nice feeling to know that the world knows and I don’t have to hide it.”

During their reality show, Ice-T and Coco expressed they wanted to start a family but Coco’s health problems, including high blood sugar, could cause some complications in getting pregnant. But when the time came, it happened quicker than expected.

“It wasn’t a big deal. It was actually shocking how easily it happened,” she said. “It’s beautiful how life actually works. Now that I have a little thing inside of me moving around, it’s amazing.”

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