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Another Fashion festival took place in Reykjavik, Iceland at the end of March this year. It was held in the Harpa Concert and Conference Centre and gave a chance for Icelandic designers to show their clothing collections to a crowd of important people in the hopes of becoming a recognized name in the fashion industry. The festival’s CEO, Kolfinna Von Arnardottir has called the festival successful because it was able to construct a platform for these designers. As the fashion industry continues to grow, more designers and business-savvy individuals are eager to come into that atmosphere. Fashion festivals continue to thrive for career driven people everywhere.

This was the seventh year that the Festival took place in Iceland and this year it went well. According to Kolfinna, they brought in a new team to help bring innovative ideas to life. This time, the Festival included Kolfinna’s company Artikolo, another company called Upplifunarstofan, and the captain of The Icelandic National Men’s Football Team, Aron Einar Gunnarsson and his fiance joined in on the fun as well. The Fashion Festival was massive this year, sometimes risk can go a long way in terms of creativity. Often times, events are afraid that it might not go too well if they change a couple of things, but there seemed to be quite a difference with this event.

There were also short films presented about the designers that went up on the Reykjavik Fashion Festival’s website, produced by Conde Nast. Photoshoots and interviews were presented to give the audience a clear and welcoming view of who will be displaying their apparel for everyone to see. It is a good way for people to ease into what they think they will see and not be too shocked by some of the designs. A personality can go miles in the fashion industry.

The Fashion Festival is set up to be a marketing tool. Sure, Fashion Shows might be a little more high-end, but a Fashion Festival still highlights the skills of designers that want to emerge. It will take a couple of steps to make it to the top, this is only the beginning for these rising designers. Soon, the media will be making the Festival bigger than it was, providing a glimpse into the Festival for fashion lovers who were not able to attend. It will also mean that there will be a better view at the clothing, which means buyers can see the outfits and purchase them from the designers.

Before, Iceland was not having a smooth time with designers. They are better now, however, but buyers and other people who work in the fashion industry have to be sure of that before they embark on a trip to see the new work. Growth has been increasing and Iceland has seen a wave of fresh-faced talented designers who want to live out their dreams of becoming an international clothing seller. Production has increased rapidly as well, which makes it easier for designs to be made faster.

At the Fashion Festival, influential names took seats such as Nana Suzuki, Elisa Anniss who works with Saks Fifth Avenue, and Anais Verbo who works with Lambert and Associates. Introductions between these women and the designers were made. After the show, the designs were set to be up and running in other fashion shows and will be made to fit into various stores, which means expansion is on the way.

Now with Icelandic fashion on the rise, it will be beneficial for fashion designers to have a connection globally. It will be good to see another country succeeding in the fashion industry.

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