Whether you’re shopping on a budget or splurging on gifts, make sure you have your loved ones covered this Christmas. You may be armed with a list from your special someone or left to fend for yourself on what your friends probably want based on what you know about them.

For the diva(s) in your life, stop by Ulta or Sephora.

This December, Ulta is having 25 days of surprise deals as part of their holiday beauty blitz sales event. Moreover, they have gift sets under $25 such as their Clinique ‘A Little Happiness’ set. Ulta also has no shortage of coupons. The holiday season is the best time to shop for makeup with holiday deals and promotions.

Sephora has a notable holiday sale and an assortment of stocking stuffers. There are many discounts on regular items and holiday sets are another option.

MAC Cosmetics has free shipping on any order and carries quality makeup for higher yet more manageable prices than say, Givenchy.

A fashionista could use a lovely large scarf. Clothing stores like New York & Co. sell glove and scarf sets.

Gift cards never fail unless you are going for a particularly personal type of present.

For the graduates you are celebrating, get them some professional clothing for their dive into the workforce. One can never have too much professional attire for interviews or for the workplace.

Perhaps you’d like to surprise someone with new tech necessities such as wireless headphones. At Best Buy, Gumy is an affordable brand with versatile functionality on its three-button control.

It is chilly outside so warm somebody up with an electric blanket or a colorful fleece blanket. You can find these for acceptable prices in store at Ikea and at Target.

As a scholarly introvert myself, I recommend you gift any bookish introverts in your life with, whaddaya know, a book- and a box of tea if they’re into that sort of thing.

And you need to appreciate any special gym rat’s fervor for working out by providing them with a new hoodie, socks, or sneakers.

Choose from a variety of cozy, cuddly but cute room socks for anybody at a Japanese discount store called Daiso if there is one near you. On that note, warm slippers wouldn’t hurt as a gift.

Lastly, nothing shows how much you care like a good coffee machine. A French press looks groovy and makes tasty coffee.

Happy shopping. This is a curated list meant to guide you in your holiday shopping but ultimately it is up to you to know what your loved ones want as Christmas gifts.

Featured Image via Pexels/Ir Solyanaya

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