Flipkart, India’s largest online retailer chose to celebrate Fashion Fever month. It started at the beginning of March and ended mid-April. During the campaign, Flipkart mainly focused on women’s fashion. Sales rose and kept rising as 40 percent of women were shopping on Flipkart during Fashion Fever. There were multiple offers on women’s clothing that women could not possibly pass up.

Usually, sales do well in the evening, but with Fashion Fever in full bloom, women were shopping between noon and 4pm. Women’s categories were the highest during Fashion Fever, beating out the rest of the lifestyle categories.

The women who bought most of the clothing were women who worked corporate jobs that were seeking apparel that had to do with business. Women emerged as the ultimate shopper, making way for fashion savvy individuals who love to shop in their free time.

Prices that are lower are more appealing to women. High-fashion brands are popular in India, but they are not as important as the cost and quality of clothing. Apparel can be better quality when it is cheaper sometimes, which is better for a working woman to afford. Being comfortable is better than feeling like something is too fancy when you are at work. Sales are also hard to pass up when it comes to good clothing, especially when you are looking for the best deals around.

With online shopping becoming the best form of purchasing apparel, more and more consumers are looking at better online retailers now. It is easy to scroll through hundreds of pages of outfits instead of going to a crowded mall and rummaging through racks. Your size and the colour you want can be right in front of your eyes when you are online shopping. Having to deal with an out of stock item you really wanted is annoying, whereas online, you are able to find the same thing on different websites. That is the joy of fast-fashion.

Typically, women tend to follow what celebrities are doing. Stars! They are just like us! Sometimes, it is easy copying the latest styles and fads that Bollywood actresses are pulling off these days. Women are capable of finding similar outfits to what famous people are wearing on the red carpet. Flipkart has been receiving inquiries about how to find shirts and dresses like the ones on influential celebrities.

Women’s fashion has always been popular. Bright pink is now the colour of the season and everyone has been running around trying to grab the last pink shirts in the sections. It can be fun in a way, trying to scour each store looking for the perfect outfit to wear when you are a fashion woman. On Flipkart, there is a vast majority of pink in skirts, dresses, and traditional kurtis.

Street style is also blowing up in India. That means that manufacturers are attempting to make new attire for women and men in India now. I would not be surprised to see street style in more movies, too, which is why it is making its debut. Street style is fun and chic, allowing people to dive into a more relaxed and edgy vibe with the attire. Loose jeans, oversized hoodies, and distressed denim are in right now, making it look effortlessly easy. Fashion is now making it so everyone can unleash their inner fashion ways. There is a high wave of unisex clothing, which is awesome, and lets everyone be who they want to be. Fashion is constantly evolving and the bigger it grows, the more consumers want to join in on the chaos.

It really is awesome.

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