7 Innovative Ways to Upcycle Old Tees!


1) Make a Maxi Skirt or Dress: Take 3-4 of your old shirts. Make sure that the bottoms of the shirts are big enough to fit around your legs, and lower body. Cut the tops off, and sew all of the bottoms together to have a multi-colored maxi!

2) Make It a Cami: All You really have to do are cut the sleeves off! If you want to cut the side seams off, wear a bandeau or sports bra, you now have an adorable gym shirt or Summer backyard party outfit!

3) Headbands! Cut 3 strips of the shirt and intertwine them to make a braid that fits around your head! Or even cut a large piece that you can tie together and make a bow out of!

4) Mix-N-Match Scarf: Take your long sleeve shirts with various patterns and sew the blocks together in a random order! You may also want to sew strips of tee shirts together to make a ruffled or braided scarf! You now have a totally new, and original scarf!

5) Braided Rug: Is someone’s birthday coming up? This is a perfect and personal gift! Cut tons of strips of various different tee shirts and braid them together. Sew all of the braids together to have a soft, cotton rug with tons of colors and designs!

6) Baby Bib: If you want to save money, this can help you immensely! Stencil a bib with a permanent market, and make sure to cut out both sides of the shirt identically. Sew the two pieces together for a thick bib that can tackle any mess without letting it bleed through to your baby’s clothes!

7) A Quilt: Take all of your old band tees that are just too cool to throw out! Cut the shirts into identical sized squares, and randomize their order. Sew them altogether for a homemade, vintage tee shirt quilt!


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