Work is winding down for the weekend. You’re sitting at your desk twiddling your thumbs until it’s a mildly acceptable time to make a stealthy exit.

You’ve already gone through your Snapchat stories, even enduring the full time of the ones you’d normally skip through. You’ve grown desperate. You’re now about to search ‘funny kitten video’ into google’s search engine. Step away from the computer – which by the way is probably monitored by your company’s network.

Pick up your phone and add your newest source of until-work-ends fun to your Instagram feed. These accounts provide endless comedic relief to even the dullest of days and the longest of minutes.

We swear the minute hand moves slower on a Friday too.


Ready for swimsuit season! (@tank.sinatra)

A photo posted by Claudia Oshry (@girlwithnojob) on

“My dream job is not needing one.”

Claudia Oshry has turned having no job into the ultimate job as she services both the unemployed and the commuting world with midday to after-work laughs. Rumor is, Harry Styles even follows this account. And in case you’ve been totally out of the Insta-loop – Girl With No Job has found love with, you guessed it, Boy With No Job.


Not gonna lie I still don’t understand lol (@circleofidiots)

A photo posted by Ben Soffer (@boywithnojob) on

Who better to share in this social media laughter than now fiancée (we’re being serious) Boy With No Job. These kindred spirits found themselves outside of Lincoln Center earlier this month as they promised to join two great Insta-forces in total matrimony.


I can’t even with the cultural significance of this photo

A photo posted by Jackie O (@jackieoproblems) on

And while you’re at it, follow Girl With No Job’s sister, Jackie Oshry of Jackie O Problems. Not only does she exhibit the same familial humor, but her posts will also give you Manhattanites a heads up on hot spots around the city.


I’d talk to this kid

A photo posted by @JessicaAnteby (@beigecardigan) on

Next on the list is Jessica Anteby’s meme-filled feed, Beige Cardigan. From hilarious pic stitches to LOL-worthy celeb mishaps, this feed will have you liking and tagging your Insta-friends on the reg.


A photo posted by BETCHES (@betches) on

As for Betches, well its namesake is quite fitting as its slightly snooty posts are filled with a betchy mentality. Don’t know what being a betch means? You will once you follow the hilarity of this account. They also have sales of betch-inspired clothing that they promote through Insta!


Rounding out our top picks is Violet K. Benson’s feed, Daddy Issues. The name is enough to set your interest aflame. The short video clips and memes posted daily are comical gold. Throw them a follow and you’ll be laughing and liking all day long.

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