A lot of women today are leaving their lip liners and mascara at home to achieve a more natural look out in public. Less coverage on women’s face is being seen as more appealing. But are young women doing it to follow beauty trends or is it a matter of convenience. I ask college women how they feel about a more natural look:

Beth, 2o, Florida

I love the natural look. I have never been a big fan of wearing a whole bunch of makeup at one. However I do wear foundation and concealer when I leave to hide dark spots from my issues with acne. I bought a lot of products to even my skin tone more but none of them seems to make a difference on my face. So I wear makeup everyday but I don’t play with it that much. I wear the ones closet to my skin tone. Most people don’t believe I wear makeup because it looks so natural.

Melissa Jordan. 20, Florida

I love the more natural look! I love makeup and I often try new ways of apply products on my face but I don’t have enough time to glam up before going to class and work. I usually wear foundation and powder, eyeliner if I’m not planning on going to the gym. I try my best to take care of my skin with skin care products. I often use of the counter cleansers and scrubs to exfoliate my face so my acne doesn’t break out. I have oily skin and wearing excessive makeup will just make it worse.

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