Is the $185 Prada ‘Paperclip’ Fashion’s Latest Mundane Must-Have?

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According to the development of fashion industry, especially in the luxury area, there are increasing of simple items with the brand logos being sold high and striking prices. Oversized silver paperclip, which comes from the brand of Prada, is sold with 185 dollars recently. Although the item is very simple and does not include any design, but Prada could also get profits from it due to the specific name of the brand. Not only Prada, there are also other brands do the specific merchandise. Red clay, which with Supreme logo, was sold 30 dollars from last year, and there were an increasing number of consumers, who thought that it represented fashion trend, purchasing it. Moreover, coated-paper “Vasari” bag was sold around 237 dollars in 2012 with no attractive design.

Thus, it is very obvious that increasing of brand companies sell their brand names with simple design products. Why do customers purchase them? One of the significant reasons is that they insanely pursue the name of the brand itself. The brand of Supreme is representative example. The prices of Supreme products are not very expensive and acceptable. For instance, one simple logo top tank is around 78 dollars. However, the quantity of outputs for the products is not vast, so the prices could become increasingly higher when the products are out of stock. Hence, when the quantity of products is not very high, increasing of consumers want to purchase the products due to show off. Moreover, another reason that consumers purchase simple design items with relatively higher prices is that they blindly chase the trend of fashion, and they could identity themselves as fashionable and wealthy individuals. Prada is seemed as luxury fashion brand. When oversized sliver paperclip labels the brand of Prada, the value of the item becomes relatively higher, so the price becomes higher. For instance, when you see a person use the “paperclip” of Prada, what do you think? Majority of individuals would think that the person is wealthy and tasteful, and they would imitatively spend money on the items to identify themselves wealthy and tasteful. It could be seemed one of methods to sell the products for the brand companies. Finally, majority of consumers choose to buy those products not because the products’ practicability.

It could be a good signal for high-level and famous brands company because they could sell simple design products only based on the brand names to increase profits. However, the phenomenon could not benefit the brands, which just enter the fashion industry, because they could not sell their brand names instead of attractive designable products.

I am Fashion Merchandising major and Business Administration minor at University of Delaware. I am going to graduate at the end of 2017. I am planning to find my careers in New York city after graduation and reach the degree of graduate in the next few years for my next step. It makes me excited to know and enter the fashion industry, and I will dramatically pursue it in the future.

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