Ivanka Trump Brings Hollywood Glam to D.C. With New Stylist

Most of the time to get a task or job done perfectly, getting someone else to assist can help in aiding the process. It never hurts to ask for some help, even when your certain you can do it 100 percent on your own and correct. Asking for help or even asking for a second opinion on something does not show weakness or that your not capable of it. This mantra of asking for help or outside opinions applies to so many different aspects in life. A huge place where outside opinion or help is needed is in the fashion world.

In fashion, everyone has a different eye and opinion on what they think “looks good”. One fashion critic could adore a celebrity’s dress and the other could trash it like its nobody’s business. In the world of fashion, there is no way to please everyone, but getting a second opinion on an outfit can help save you from being a total flop. Honestly, how many of you actually go shopping on your own? We always have someone else with us to make sure something looks perfect on our body.

Today, almost every celebrity has their own personal stylist. They are celebrities, they don’t always have time to go out shopping for themselves or go routing through there massive closets (that may be as big as your entire house) to find the perfect outfits to be pictured by the millions of people following their every step. When they step outside in to the public eye, they are going to be photographed right away about and judged constantly on what they are wearing, so having a stylist is a must. And when you officially hire your own stylist, that is a sure sign you have made it.

Ever since becoming “The Presidents Daughter”, Ivanka Trump is defiantly someone who has stepped in to the pubic eye more. She is all over the news and blog sites with everything to her outfits, to things with her farther, and most especially with her jewelry line. Most of the time with new presidents, it is the First Lady who will receive much of the attention, but Ivanka has taken the spotlight away from her stepmother. With Ivanka overshadowing Melanie Trump, an interesting dynamic could uproar in the White House.

Either way, Ivanka is not going to let that stop her from being in the public eye. That is why she has officially decided to hire a fashion stylist to help with her look. The lucky stylist who will be taking on this prestige role is Cat Williams, who was formerly assistant to celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger. Neither have “officially” conformed this new partnership, but in the past, Erlanger has dressed Trump which could be a possible way Williams and Trump met each other.

Williams is just starting up in the U.S. fashion scene. She grew up in Australia and before working with Erlanger she had positions at Aussies versions of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. If Trump does hire Williams has a full-time stylist, it will be a big step for her away from the Washington D.C. status and into the Hollywood pedigree. Other women who were Daughters or Wife’s of previous Presidents have worked with designers on events but always have picked out their own outfits and dressed themselves for more casual outings.

In Ivanka’s defense, being in the political eye all the time can be very time consuming. For Williams, working with Ivanka may face its own set of challenges. In the past, Trump has received backlash for some of her unique wardrobe choices. Also, many big name designers have openly said they do not want to dress her, which could cause complications down the road when finding designer outfits for big events. Wherever this duo ends up, Williams will have her hands full but we will sure be seeing Ivanka stepping out all over D.C. wearing the hottest trends.

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