Ivanka Trump, daughter of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is being sued by Aquazzura.

The high-end Italian shoe designer is alleging that Trump has ripped off the design of their popular ‘Wild Thing’ stiletto sandals and calling it ‘Hettie’.

When compared side by side, it’s difficult to spot the difference: both shoes feature high, thin heels, a bright red color, fringe covering the toes and a tassel at the ankle. The only real difference seems to be the price. While Aquazzura’s shoes cost $785, Ivanka Trump’s are $145. Aquazzura also accuses her of copying their ‘Belgravia’ and ‘Forever Marilyn’ shoes.

"Hettie" by Ivanka Trump ‘Hettie’ by Ivanka Trump

"Wild Thing" by Aquazzura

‘Wild Thing’ by Aquazzura

Aquazzura is not the only company to accuse Trump of copyright infringement. Back in 2012, she was sued by Mystique Footwear for copying two of their designs.

In 2011, designer Derek Lam also sued her for plagiarizing his shoe designs. Clearly, Trump has a history of creating designs eerily similar to already established luxury shoes.

As for the current lawsuit, the licensee for her shoe line said, “This is a baseless lawsuit aimed at generating publicity.” It’s now up to the court to decide if Trump’s shoes truly are plagiarized.

‘Hettie’ is no longer available for sale on either Macy’s or Nordstrom’s websites.

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