Jacquemus’s Oversized Sun Hat Is Everywhere

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Summer is perhaps one of the best seasons to spot new trends. The warm weather often leaves people newly liberated, allowing them to explore a multitude of possibilities when it comes to their sartorial choices. Bright colors, flowy silhouettes, strappy sandals, and elements of boho chic come to mind whenever one thinks about summer style. Perhaps the only true barriers to summer fashion is the need for sun protection as well as keeping cool.

Yet, over the years we have certainly seen an array of eccentric summer styles. But one of this summer’s biggest trends reimagines the iconic sun hat, a seasonal staple that is both functional and glamorous.

This summer, people have been transfixed by Jacquemus’s oversized sun hat. The French fashion brand, which is reportedly inspired the beach scene typically associated with the south of France, has released a gargantuan hat that has in fact infiltrated the fashion world, making appearances at beaches and even weddings. It has been seen framing numerous recognizable faces.

On one hand, supermodel Emily Ratajkowski was recently spotted sporting a hat large enough to be seen from outer-space in Mykonos.

in my leisure suite

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Bella Hadid kind of made the hat the centerpiece of her outfit here. The supermodel posted this photo of herself on a beach in Mexico with this rather memorable caption.

Despite its size being what some people would call “extra” or “over the top,” the fact of the matter is that the hat does serve a rather practical purpose: Serving as a sun-shield of eclipse-like proportions. According to some comments by Inside Edition, “the wide-brimmed accessory is sure to provide plenty of shade, and keep you in style.”

Jacquemus’s huge hat is priced at around $495. However, anyone now looking to buy it may be out of luck as the hat is officially sold out everywhere. Nonetheless, perhaps this trend will inspire you to try out a hat of similar subtlety.

Featured Image via Pxhere/Public Domain

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    • Kimi Mier

      The only time an over-sized hat could be called practical! Love the photo examples in the article.

    • Maya Asregadoo

      I suppose that these hats are practical! But at that price point, I would most likely just invest in a beach umbrella and call it a day.

    • Alicia Cline

      Love the oversized sunhat! A true statement piece for summer

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