Japanese Fashion Veterans Evolving

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Recently noticed for their traction in Toyko, fashion names are gathering a wealth of experience and a toolbox full of skills. Although some are newcomers to Toyko, these fashion veterans are making names for themselves this summer with affordable minimalism, modest luxury, and futuristic style. Firstly, affordable minimalism has taken the fashion world by a storm. In the past, beautiful clothing designs could only be appreciated by luxury fashion houses and deep-pocketed customers. However, a new brand is capturing Japanese minimalism and transforming it into clothing that is more accessible to the general public. UN3D (pronounced “un-threed”) debuted in 2016 and has established its name ever since.

The study of geometry and asymmetry has been incorporated into wearable, unisex clothing with minimalist silhouettes. The colors are generally basic and monotone but are paired with abstract accessories or statement shoes to add a quirky twist to the ensemble. The brand name highlights the motto of the brand itself, and its focus is to be unconventional. The designer, Momoko Ogihara rose to fame with her unique personal style and previously successful 109-mall brand Murua prior to UN3D. Secondly, modest luxury has been the focus for the new brand and boutique M, which is located inside the grounds of the Kanda Myojin Shrine. The shrine is full of architectural wonders once you enter the main gate. Although the label is new, the designer is anything but a stranger to the fashion scene.

Michiko Nakayma headed the popular brand Muveil for ten years, which was famous for its unusual themes. Now, however, M is all but unusual, with simplistic yet luxurious clothing. Nakayama explains, “This isn’t about seasonal themes of kitsch, it is about essential quality and the utmost comfort.” The elegantly roomy silhouettes are a mix of city wear and lounge wear, while customers are requested to make appointments on the website prior to their visit to the chic salon-like store. Lastly, these designers are taking classic style and transforming it into futuristic pieces. Minami Aoyama’s Kotto-dori has already made a name for itself, with highly sought-after eyewear brands. Now, the opening of the Dita flagship has become an even bigger accumulation of success. In a mere twenty-two years, the sunglasses and glasses brand has been praised by global enthusiasts. The label itself was found in Los Angeles, but the frames are famous for being crafted in Japan, which is the leader of the world when it comes to frame creation and innovation. Ultimately, these designers are changing the game for fashionistas everywhere with the unique ideas and concepts that they are bringing to the table.

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