While hosting a Levi’s promotional party, actress Jessica Biel revealed to the press that she was inspired to host the event due to her one-year-old son’s obsession with comfortable denim. With the back to school season, Biel decided to host with Estee Stanley at her restraint Au Fudge for the 143-year-old company which inspired her and her son’s newfound comfortable style.

Biel commented that now as a mother, her style has changed her daily style for a more comfortable and casual look. She also stated how denim is an important staple item in her little son’s life, because he needs to be able to have reliable jeans that could endure rip holes and dirty messes. She says other’s might feel differently about her son’s casual style, but for him, he relies on his Levi’s jeans to bounce back after a good wash.

With her active son, Biel has also found herself looking for designer casual wear while she is home. Stanley, who has also been her personal stylist for years, says she has lately purchased her casual wear items from The Row, Zimmerman, and Dries Van Noten.

Even though the actress has revamped her style to a more casual look, Biel says that she still keeps her inner fashionista style alive. She says that when her son is asleep, she dresses up in her pre-mother designer clothes when she is out with her husband, Justin Timberlake.

Biel’s former 7th Heaven co-star, Beverley Mitchell, who also attended her Levi’s party commented about her children’s close relationship with Biel’s son Silas. She says her son Hutton and daughter Kenzie Mitchell treat Silas like their own sibling. Beverly Mitchell has also stated that her and Biel’s children are definitely going to enjoy grow up together. Biel and Mitchell are both proud that they can share their motherhood experiences with one another and have enjoyed their transition into a more comfortable and practical style for their children’s fun and play.

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