Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s “Ew” sketch gets a new edition- played by Taylor Swift.

The first of this sketch starred Zac Efron as Brittany Anderson, Seth Rogen as Allison Donelly and Jimmy Fallon as Sara. Remember, there is no “H” because they’re gross.

The concept of this skit is that three teenage girls sit on a couch and talk about their daily themselves.

A new skit was aired on his show, this time it featured Taylor Swift as Natalie Benson. We learn that Benson likes to build Popsicle stick castles by herself. She’s not allowed to watch television “since Miley Cyrus twerked”.

The two girls go on to talk, and they have a “show and tell” for the audience. The two celebrities danced two “Come and Get it” by Selena Gomez, before Sara’s stepdad Gary came downstairs, again, to embarrass the girls while they hang out.

The girls go on to play some other hilarious games involving photos of ACTOR. The whole video can be seen on Fallon’s YouTube, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where sketches from his show are posted soon after they air. If you want to watch the entire episode, those are available on Hulu.


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