JLR Unit Invests $25 Million in Lyft to Help Develop Self-Driving Cars

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Based on the quick development of technology, an increasing number of auto companies have started testing and using self-driving to attract target consumers. Tesla, a big premium electric automaker, have already developed self-driving capabilities in their cars. The majority of consumers find benefits from self-driving, however, it is true that there were accidents involving self-driving cars for Tesla, and it means that the technology of self-driving still needs to develop and be perfected in the future.

In order to enter the market of self-driving, Jaguar Land Rover, Britain’s biggest carmaker, invests $25 million dollars in U.S. ride services company Lyft by its mobility services business, InMotion Ventures. Having a collaboration with Lyft can help Lyft to develop and test technology of self-driving and also help InMotion develop and test its own mobility services. Lyft has started to rapidly find and collaborate with a lot of carmaker companies in the world rather than pursuing its own technology. In other words, Lyft does not spin up the partial technology business themselves. The great way is to have collaboration with expertise partners to draw a big picture. Moreover, the fleet provision of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will also be supplied by InMotion.

Why do increasing numbers of auto companies invest in the technology of self-driving? One important reason is that self-driving is a new and attracted word for customers, so auto companies could change how customers buy and use vehicles. It is very obvious that there are a lot of problems that will come with developing the technology. First, how do companies let customers believe self-driving is safe? The accidents of self-driving cars already let customers to believe it is not a perfect and safe technology. If the technology became perfect in the future, it would be hard to let customers to believe the technology again. Second, does the technology affect the standard of the driving test, including service drivers? It is obvious that self-driving does not need drivers very much, so is the standard of the driving test going to be loose? Finally, what service drivers including taxi are going to do when the technology is perfect and incredible? Are they going to lose the jobs? If they are, what other optional jobs they can be qualified.

Increasing numbers of customers expect the technology to be a hit because they can enjoy the benefits from it. However, it is true that the problems would be emerged when the technology is mature. Why don’t we wait and see what happen in the future when the technology is developing like the collaboration between Lyft and Jaguar Land Rover?

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