John Galliano – Men’s Paris Fall/Winter 2014-15


The use of sports fabrics and designs makes this collection more like a sports wear runway. Bright colors and patterns that include green vertical stripes, orange diagonal stripes and leggings with almost everything imaginable. Now the leggings stole the show themselves. Ranging from various patterns to colors, they not only stood out from all the coats and sweaters but they were the focal point in most cases. Having their own designs, prints and variegated stripe patterns. Being this bright in the fall and winter is surely an art form. This collection is a form of Expressionist art even Kandinsky would be proud to attach his name to. That is if Kandinsky could splash his imagination on leggings and coats instead of canvases then he would have the 2014/15 Fall/Winter Galliano collection. Taking summer colors and combining them with fall designs like mock necks, turtle necks and crew neck shirts is a must have. Stitching both peace signs and mouse pointer icons onto various jackets that point to various directions is a sign of what’s to come. In the sense that you don’t really know where he will go next and the ride you will be taken on. You just have to have his leggings and running sneakers on to be completely comfortable and submersed in the designs. When stripes of various fabrics and patterns aren’t enough for the everyday fashion show, here come the jackets which include windbreakers made of satin materials that also have the usual varied stripes and are color blocked as well. The most appealing design after the expressionist style leggings, jacket and shirt is the harlequin pattern satin blazer. It combines a relaxed pattern with an exquisite material to bring home an otherwise sporty collection. When standing next to the right colors and patterns it can have a chameleon effect even though it will shine in a crowd. It’s the formal sports coat with a design that is sure to start the usual questions of who, where and how can I get one myself?

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