John Varvatos – Milan Men’s Fall/Winter 2014-15

John Varvatos - Milan Fall/Winter 2014-15 Review

Clothing fit for your inner rock star is how this collection was portrayed. Especially when you see some of the models wearing “Kiss” face makeup and get to see the band “Kiss” walk down the runway at the end of the show with John Varvatos himself. The collection was inspired by the inner rock star of Varvatos by utilizing the three main colors of rock and “Kiss.” Black, white and silver. Tones which were the primary and predominately displayed colors of the night. Silver stole the show though, accenting and dominating every look it was part of. Starting first and foremost with the first piece that was shown which was a silver crocodile motorcycle jacket with a rear neck accent zipper. The silver crocodile skin was also used in a black motorcycle jacket with the crocodile shoulder trim and full length sleeves with the tote and weekender bags also made from the same material. Having a rock star look is not complete without the boots and wallet chain. These were all part of the look and theme of the show where every model usually had one of the two if not both. The silver wallet chain accented all the black leather looks and there were plenty of them. Both leather pants and jackets were used in collaboration with the silver tones. Distressing the jackets to give them a wrinkled and worn pattern was also a staple tonight. Not stopping there, it continued with a collection of white pieces that gave brightness and showed us that black is not the only color of rock.

By pairing a white double breasted fur shearling coat with silver buttons and wrist epaulets, white trousers and black monk strap shoes we got to see what the other side of rock star status looks like on their days off. There were three standout items that completely out-shined everything else. The first was a gray three piece suit with silver streaks throughout with the ever so popular silver crocodile folio bag. The next standout look of the collection was a purple dual lapel dinner blazer with silver leopard style prints and silk besom pockets. The lapels themselves were a combination of a silk peak lapel and a leather outlined notch lapel right on top contrasting each other in a complimentary style however. The main look which was the look of the night was a black overcoat with black raven type feathers on the shoulders and back. Of course the model had “Kiss” face makeup and did the signature Gene Simmons tongue routine completing the look and feel of the design. Even though the clothes were what everyone went to see, what truly amazed and surprised was the actual band “Kiss” coming out at the end. The show seemed like it was themed after them but the question was why? That was quickly answered once the band walked the runway making the crowd rock with excitement.

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