Jumping on Trends

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I gotta admit, I was not a fan of the jumpsuit trend when it first started a few years ago. I think still hanging in my mind were the blaring patterns of the 70s style numbers paired with platform shoes, as well as the whole footie pajama connotation.

But I’ve finally changed my mind about the style. I might just get on this trend, especially after seeing so many nice examples on the runway for the fall 2017 season. Alexander Wang, Bottega Veneta, and Saint Laurent all included versions in their shows, and I particularly liked the sweetheart neckline version by Elie Saab.

This would be weird, except it happens a lot.

For example, I hated plaid patterns of all types a few years ago. Then I saw the outfits a friend put together with plaids, and I changed my mind. Now a plaid flannel is a campfire staple in my wardrobe. Same with the jumpsuit thing: I hated it, until someone I knew wore one and nailed it (a spaghetti strap number in a warm floral pattern with a conservative V-neck and a statement necklace).

I can also recall a time when I refused to wear skinny jeans.

I will grant you that my small town isn’t big on haute couture, or even some of the newer trends. They make their way in, but it’s not a speedy process. However, eventually, a new style saturates the market and saturates the culture, and becomes mainstream. When that happens, it seems to have an effect on opinion as well.

The first time I noticed this effect on myself, it was a little alarming to find I was suddenly in love with a style I’d hated before. After all, no one wants to be influenced by mere exposure.

But I realized that there wasn’t any issue with being open to changing my taste, so long as I didn’t compromise on a key issue, like mullets. Fashion evolves, and with that evolution comes a powerful influence on taste. For example, several years ago, the bikini was de rigueur for trendy beachwear, suddenly retro one-pieces are back in. Until a new style has a chance to catch on, though, it’s not fashionable. Taste has to adjust. And it should adjust.

After all, if everyone rejected every new fashion all the time, well, we’d all still be wearing corsets.

I'm a lover of words in all forms, sweatshirts in all conditions, and God in all circumstances. I particularly enjoy working collaboratively on the written word and wearing microfiber robes (preferably at the same time). Most of the time I don't get enough sleep, but I make a valiant effort.

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