Karlie Kloss On Her Experience With Body Shaming In The Modeling Industry

Some young girls dream of being big time models some day; getting their makeup done, wearing fancy designer clothes, walking the runway, and getting hundreds of pictures taken of them all the time. They close their eyes and imagine their face all over billboards, in the pages of their favorite magazines, or on their television screen.
Some only dream of this and while others make it happen, but the reality is that becoming a model is hard work. Many people have an assumption that to be a model you have a certain look; one where you have to have a certain body size. This body size many people think of is completely unrealistic for most. Luckily, thanks to body positive models such as Ashley Graham, the typical ‘model look’ is changing. But, just because some people may be changing their views does not mean everyone is. There are still many who work in the fashion and modeling who still continuously body shame even the most famous models. They still have the old thought in their head that models can only be a size zero to be successful.
Karlie Kloss – an American fashion model and entrepreneur – discussed her personal experiences with body shaming during her time on a panel at the Cannes Lion festival. She expressed her feelings regarding the fashion industry and shared with the audience the ridicule her and other models have faced over the years. One particular day as always stuck out to her the most; the day she was called both too fat and too thin on the same day by a casting agent. Is that even possible?
Yes, one of the world’s most beautiful and famous models was even ridiculed about her appearance. These comments by the casting direct have left a strong impact on Kloss. Ever since these comments ,it has made her realize that no matter what your body looks like there is always going to be someone who will judge you appearance. This experience may have hurt her at the time, but she decided there was no point in wallowing over it and decided to turn it into something positive. She has gotten over trying to have the ‘perfect body’ and has instead been focusing on her overall health. She no longer cares what others have to say about her frame as long as she feels healthy and confident in her own skin.
Hopefully, people such as Karlie can show young girls looking to work in the modeling industry that it is okay to not fit the perfect look for every place you try and model for. Some may love your appearance and others may not, but the overall importance is that you feel confident. We only have one body, so why not love it and take care of it.

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